Moto Guzzi servicing

Good morning all. New to this forum, but have been riding my V7ii around the back lanes of S. Bucks for a couple of years now.
Time for its annual service. No problem, I have been taking it back to Corsa Italiana in Hersham who first sold me the bike. There was a fantastically helpful guy in the workshop there, who’s name I cannot remember now, but he seemed to know more about the insides of any Moto Guzzi than I do about the insides of my wife.
Sadly Corsa no longer seem to exist - a great loss. Does any know where else I can get my bike serviced, around the S.Bucks./High Wycombe/Berkshire area? Preferably by someone who knows what they are doing, I am not keen on some Japanese bike technician just “having a go” with those Italian tech notes in one hand!

Not quite your area, but not too far away
unit 20, rear of 282 Court Road SE9 4TU

Slightly off topic, Baldrick’s website makes interesting reading! A bit scathing of his former employer

Somebody else you might like to consider, a friend of mine, Tony Botto in Didcot.
Mind I also was drinking with Paul over the weekend and have imbibed with Baldrick and shared a friendly insult as well. It’s a close knit community so falling outs can become terse.
For Tony google TB motorcycles.

Just reading all the old threads, this one is interesting and potentially useful to me re servicing etc.

Any comments from any one who has used Pietro di Marino’s set up, as it’s quite near to me in W Sussex.

I remember a hundred years ago as kids we used to go to the dealership up by Caterham Barracks ( name escapes me, but as soon as I am reminded I’ll know it !!) and gaze at the Ducatis and LeMans (if memory serves - definitely Ducatis) that we could never afford !

I think my mate bought his GPZ550 up there as they were Kawa dealers too.

Pietro I believe worked there (could be wrong) before starting Rotadale.


Pietro sure knows his stuff…
Lookin back at this thread I know if there was a fantastically helpful Guy in the workshop at Corsa it would have been Paul… :laughing:

Probably not relevant for the original post, but might be of interest to others. I got chatting to a guy with Griso on Sunday and he uses a place in Northampton for servicing, set up by Ian Rhodes , formerly of Forza Italia at Silverstone.