Moto Guzzi Singles Tyres

Hi all,
Does anyone out there know where I can buy classic treaded tyres for my Airone, Stornello and Galletto. The tyre sizes are 3.00 X 19 front and rear, 2.75 X 17 front, 3.00 X 17 rear and 2.75 X 17 Universal. Hope you can help with best brands, pricing etc.



I fit cheap tyres from the budget range on my Stornello. They are made by Cheng-Shing and work fine for the staggering 7hp 50mph performance. They do them with a classic style, ribbed front and block pattern rear and are nice and cheap. I don’t see the need for anything high performance rated.

Thanks Don, I will need three at some stage for the Galletto and Mark is looking for a pair for his Airone Sport and Stornello 160. None of these are going to be tearing the tread off the carcass!



Hi Phil,
I am using an Avon Classic Speedmaster Mk II up front and a Dunlop Gold Seal K70 at the back. These have nice classic tread patterns.
I got them from C Wylde ( ) .