Moto Guzzi T3 exhaust mufflers

Hello, I have recently purchased a 1989 T3 which requires a few new parts which I plan to replace over a period of time or as money permits. 1st off is a good quality pair of exhaust mufflers. Any recommendations please!
Much appreciated Colin.

Ooh, a new T3. Nice! I hope you’ll be very happy together. And welcome to the forum.

I got hold of a Cali T3 a few years back, after kissing a lot of frogs. It came with some Keihan SS silencers, sort of cigar-shaped - and whilst good quality (I’ve used Keihan before, for a 1000SP) - they just didn’t look “right” for the T3 (to my eyes). I looked long and hard at the Lafranconis (especially the ‘Competitions’) but a good friend talked sense about SS vs. Chrome - and I went for a pair of SS Mistrals instead. They’re solid, good quality metal, look “right”, sound delightful, and - best of all - are still as good as new when the Lafranconis might well have been suffering a bit.

So : Mistrals - highly recommended.

Mine came with removable “decibel killers” which I removed once, then had to reinstall quickly. Sounded immense - but the soundtrack was encouraging me to misbehave (o;

I got mine via Gutsibits. Some advise buying direct. Not sure whether that is still significantly beneficial in these times.

Thanks Barry, really appreciate your advice and I notice that the Mistral’s are made in Italy which is nice, it looks like they make a few different designs that would fit my T3, would you mind me asking which ones you have please,



Made in Italy - pretty much adjacent to the Guzzi factory, as I understand it, so they get first-hand access, for example, to new models. And plenty of access, one imagines, to ‘classic’ Guzzis.

As for which design I got: not sure that I had a choice when I got mine (other than polished, satin or black), but mine were ordered for the California T3, and I’m pretty sure they were these: Classic exhausts Moto Guzzi T3 - G5 - Mistral Special Parts (it was a good few years ago).

In the event, the supplied silencers needed a bit of bracketry to fit to the California T3 because the Cali has a different rear footrest hanger to the standard T3, and the images (in the link) show them fitted to a standard T3. My bad, I think, in hindsight - but they sorted and worked wonderfully. This ‘fitting issue’ should be irrelevant to you - but full transparency, and something for you to ask about/check on if you go this route. I’d buy them again - but fully expect never to need to.

Edit: I also got the matching Mistral ‘H-pipe’ - some H-pipes are 100% flat, some have varying degrees of ‘upsweep’ and I wanted to be sure that there wasn’t a mismatch. Make sense?

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I put a set from muzzi Moto on mine, well made by o&s , look original and in stainless

I just checked, they have a set left on their eBay shop

Thank you Gino, I’ll take a look much appreciated.

I went the Muzzi Moto route as well. Expensive but nice and very close to the originals. When I got my latest Cali it had very new universals fitted which were OK but left the the centre stand too low as no cutout for the peg. First bit of sexy cornering and the peg was gone🤬. Armours also make a stainless copy of the original but don’t know about the quality.

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FWIW, I’ve heard nothing but good reports from owners who have got O&S ( pipes, and those reports say good product, good fit, long-lasting - OSMC do good stainless stuff for Guzzis (some of which I have bought and fitted and stilll use). They seem to have some sort of relationship with (proximity to?) Muzzi Moto, so all in all, 1st Hand Guzzi knowledge and experience there.

Never used Armours myself, but have heard varying reports about the fit and quality of their products. You have to wonder whether some of these ‘pattern’ parts might perhaps have been produced to fit a (loaned?) bike which was other than ‘standard’ - or at least, not the same as yours and mine (Guzzis do tend to be personalised to some degree or other). Hope this info helps.

I’ve used Armours and they fitted fine. Looked original but in stainless. Mind you was some years ago. Only issue wss left silencer joint could be a bit slack, a bit of Gun Gum sometimes helped come MOT time.

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Roy who owned O&S has retired I believe but luckily still makes stuff for Muzzi, I bought several parts from him going back 25 years and was always impressed

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Thanks Gino appreciate your help and information, I think I am swaying towards Mistrals but I am waiting to hear back from them

Hi Barry,

I have made contact with Gutsibits and think I’m going to go with the Mistrals, if I order them this week they should be delivered in around 4 weeks time, exciting stuff that’ll be the first stage of my T3 renovations / replacements :+1:

Thanks very much for your advice, I’ll post an update when there fitted



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We’re all happy to help here - most loved Guzzis are, in my experience, ‘bitsas’ to some degree or other, in that they are generally personalised to meet the owner’s needs, usually over a long period of ownership. It’s fun to share those experiences, and always interesting to see how other Guzzisti ‘tweak’ their own ride. What works for one, won’t necessarily work for another, but (I think) there’s always something to be learned from looking at another Guzzi, even if it’s to learn something that you wouldn’t necessarily go with yourself.

Do please call back and share your experiences: there’s always another owner, new or long-term, happy to hear what you have done with your Guzzi.


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Feked do some in chrome, not sure if I’mthat keen on the design myself
Keihin or Armours are the other alternatives

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hi everybody,
i got mine from armours in bournmouth for my t3 cali back in 1984 they’re still looking good considering as i was young and stupid enough to ride all year round in scotland and yorkshire till 1996.
they are not standard but look and sound great, maybe a bit louder than standard tho.
good luck and enjoy

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