Moto guzzis in the wheel tracks of marco polo

20 odd v7’son a factory organised trip to china, enjoy.


Excellent, love a travel story! Not a world beating achievement though, challenging yes and glad to see the Guzzi’s managed 4000km without a hiccup, I’d have been surprised if they didn’t though.

Friends of mine are travelling a similar route just now, currently in Uzbekistan , 190,000 Km’s so far which is impressive

Does it have to be world beating, just coming up to or exceeding your own expectations is enough.
If you want to get into the Record Books watch 400 different tv channels in one hour or similar.

No Ian, doesn’t have to be world beating at all, enjoyed the story but just pointing out you can go further if you want. I really don’t watch much TV as i prefer motorcycling, time you visited Scotland again to get some of that pent up frustration out of your system :smiley:

I retire in 3 months, a bit of old fashioned pillaging and possibly raping may happen.
I’ve got a Bell(end) tent you know.