Motoleggera electrics

Dear All,

Just had my parcel turn up from Spain which amongst other things had the wiring loom in it. So I got into action today and changed the engine for the better one that I got from Italy and it fired up nicely.

Can you tell me what readings should I get on the multimeter from the two output wires from the magneto etc for the electrics?

All best


MartinI assume this will be powering the lights so somewhere around 6volts I would expect to see. I will let you know what I get when I finally get the Stornello fired up.Steve may be able to help with his Cardellino.How are you getting on with the Lario valves?Don

Thanks Don,

Got into the garage for the first time last weekend. Did a couple of jobs on the Lario which is now up on the workbench so hope to tackle the valves over the next week.




Did you join that Guzzi Real site in Spain?

They will know the answer to that.