Motolug or Dave Cooper?

Looking to buy a bike trailer that is easier to store.
A van would be better but would be more expensive and I don’t have space. A general purpose trailer would be easier to find but, again, storage is a problem.
Motolug. Folds down and fits in the boot of the car. Can have the 10" wheel option. Proven track record. More expensive and is held together with pins and clips which can rattle/vibrate and wear when used.
Dave Cooper. Sturdy bolt together design. 30 years of good feedback. Less expensive. Fits in the boot of a car. Doesn’t fold down. Takes up more room when unbolted.
Any experience of either or both options?
Thanks in advance

I’ve got a motolug, used no more than 20 times, mainly in the winter, the thing is shocking for corrosion, complained just after I bought it and got the “don’t understand that sir, nobody else complained” “post it back”" yea right, if they were closer I’d have posted it back all right. Tyres wear funny also no doubt due to the slop. Does fit in a car though! I wouldn’t buy another!

Cheers Gino,
It’s looking like a Dave Cooper all in all.
Will post a review once I’ve bought and used it.
All the best

Be interested to hear how it goes. May get rid of my van this year, only used to move bikes between various garages while they are not road legal and about 3 months of the year to cart our trials bikes around. The annual upkeep cost would easily buy a cooper trailer!

I’ve had a Motolug for a couple of years, no signs of corrosion yet, even with some winter use. It drives really well, but I understand that it doesn’t travel unladen, although I’ve never needed to tow it without a bike on.
Packs up really small. It fits in the back of my wife’s Honda Jazz with one rear seat down.

I’ve no experience of the Dave Cooper trailer Steve.

Interested also. I currently use my ancient Previa with the middle row of seats removed. That’s getting a bit long in the tooth (and is tight on roof space), and Mrs B won’t countenance my replacing it with a van.