motor racing from cold start. - Cali

I don’t know, I can hear the throttle bodies close when I shut the throttle, and I can feel slack in either cable at the end of opening and closing. The cold start cable is free and the cam comes up against the stop.
I don’t use the cold start trigger: press the starter and she roars instantly into life at @ 5000rpm and I switch off a second later still climbing at 8.
I haven’t done anything weird to her lately, except for (as I often do) leaving outside overnight in cold & rain when I got home too late for cleaning.
Has anyone any ideas?

Hi Phil, check to make sure that the throttle linkage and especially the central pivot point has not seized up in the weather. Reports of this happening on WG. Not happened to me but it has become very tight and slow to “return to base”. Made for a interesting drive!

Yeah on rereading it has to be butterflies not closing. Can you see them closing? Hearing them is not the same as seeing them close - with due respect. To get that rise in revs you need to be shifting some air too - unlikely through shut butterflies or maybe jammed fast idle.

air leak or something holding the butterflies open would sound logical

also a layer of dirt between the body of the throttle body and the butterfly could cause it to stick as could a damaged tps sensor track

" I can hear the throttle bodies close when I shut the throttle"
What a LIAR! Silicone spray everywhere except finally the cables, and you can almost hear the dry metal soaking it up as it drips down through, and everything frees off again. Nice little ride in the rain (again) tomorrow, perhaps?

ho ho ho …mine does this if i don’t use it or 3 or 4 days . it is the central pivot seizing .