Motorcycle dash cam ?

Hello Chums,
I am thinking about getting a video camera to fit on my bike. Does anybody here have any experience with these things that they can share ? I know it needs to be waterproof and I would like to be able to remove it easily when not in use. What else should I consider?

Does anybody have any recommendations, or warnings about anything I should stay away from ?


Hi Richard,
Good question! I’ve been looking at these for my cars and bikes.
I’m looking at a GoPro type of camera which can be mounted with a choice of magnets, mounts and straps.
I bought a cheapone from EBay direct from China. 2-3 week delivery at the time. This will almost certainly have changed now.
My son used it for two seasons of skiing and it held up well. Picture quality is OK for YouTube etc.
I like the idea of it being portable and therefore harder to pinch.
Be interested to hear others views.

I have a Garmin VIRB that I wear on the top of my helmet, not a fashion accessory but it works great. I have put a 128 GB memory card in so that now it records for a whole day. Battery won’t last that long so I have a spare and change it after about 4 hours if I am on a trip or just charge it after short runs. Picture quality is good but sound is mainly wind noise, but saying that you can hear my indicator bleeper.

There is a screen on the top of the camera and you can watch playback but the quality is rubbish, if you plug it into your PC or laptop the video files are good quality. The quality can be adjusted so that it will store more data at a lower resolution.

Not sure of the price as it was a Christmas present from my step daughter and I have never felt the need to check.

So here is a sneek peek!
It would seem that the Garmin auction has ended so you are looking at a TomTom item, if you scroll down there are other Garming VIRB Elite ones like mine and a second hand one in England at a reasonable price, but with no returns…

i recently bought a Ghost Drift XL, not the cheapest but well pleased with it.

The two I like are
The Vsysto models seem to be a better price, but the newer ones have a lower spec.

Thanks for the feedback,
That Innovv system looks really tempting. Not cheap, but Idon’t want to end up with something that’s not going to work properly.

The Innovv ones come highly rated and well thought of. If I could get a Vsysto M2F Pro I would but at the moment they seem to be out of stock, except in the states.