Motorcycle Lift advice please

Hi, I am thinking about getting a “used” hydraulic lift of this type ( 680kgs capacity ) and wondered if anyone had experienced any difficulty or shortcomings when using it with either a California or a Centauro.

I like the idea that with this type, the wheels are hanging and make removal easy.

Any positive experiences / recommendations also much appreciated.

Cheers Darryl

DazGuzzi2014-02-13 14:46:48

I use a similar one (Clarkes) for the Cali 1400 and the V7, and before that a Suzuki 1800. A bit nervous at first as the bikes wobble a bit, but once over that, no problem. Use a ratchet strap to hold the bike to the lift when removing wheels. Just a bit more secure. Easy to move the bike around the garage too, if the floor is relatively flat and smooth. Use mine out on the street too, for cleaning the underside bits with the hosepipe and brush. Don’t do that crawling around on the floor stuff. For servicing purposes need to be careful to position just right to have access to drain plugs and such, and getting a container under to catch the oil is a bit of a faff.

Hi Darryl, these lifts are ideal for the Guzzi as they lift it on the sump, bearing in mind that it is worth lining the lifting bars with rubber/nylon/wood to avoid damage and that it is no good if sump removal is required. Have seen some modified versions with lifting bars replaced with brackets to locate on the swinging arm/pillion rests and front engine bolts, am sure there are others on the forum who have modded similar lifts.Cheers, Gerry.

I have one of these Darryl and at less than £60 are a bargain. They lift from the sump and I use the centrestand as well on my BMW project: have a big range and it is well made kit.

Thanks Guys , the one i can get for £49 is the one in the picture,

I think i will bite the bullet and get it especially as it is only a few miles away.

I intend using straps as well.

I have one of those got it from Macro, not that good hardle use it not that stable and to be fair I tend to use it only to lift the bike THEN use wood Cut down fence posts to hold the bike


I believe these are known as a “Sears lift” I find it no better than an old car scissor lift to bem fair and IF you have one of the newer V11 Gussis with the V shaped sump they are useless it WILL fall off, even straps WILL NOT hold the bike upright, Guess how I found THAT one out???guzzibear2014-02-13 20:01:32

You acn’t reach the fraqme rails, and you can’t lift it straight off the sump, at least not with out a plank and a block to pick up the gear box at the rear

I made this to pick my Cali up

Since the second photo was taken I bolted a (removable) length of angle bar across the bottom of the jack with a couple of jacking bolts at the end.

The bike is stable but it wouldn’t take a load of yanking to pull it over end for end way

With the brace in and a block under the front wheel for luck easily pulled the rear swing arm off

PS Bailer string now gone and a couple of ratchet straps hold it on the jack.

PPS Also had both ends of the bike on the bathroom scales so I could work out where the C of G is and make sure it was within the foot printy of the jack … and yes I need to get out and ride it more
tris2014-02-18 12:59:57

Thanks Guys. I bought the one in the picture of my original post.

Very sturdy and a bargain.

Just be careful . . .

ZXRBondEquipe2014-02-18 18:45:50

Thanks, will do !

Blinking Heck! Hope this is not typical of using this type of lift as I am after something similar or maybe a full bench lift.

To secure a bike to a lift, or anything really, by tying one end of whatever one is using to secure the bike and passing it over the bike then tying it to the other side of the lift is a waste of time. Each side of the bike must be secured to its respective side to be effective.

My Cali is sitting happily on one while I do the clutch - ideal for frame crabbing as per Peter Roper’s excellent article.A few warnings. These lifts should be CE-marked, but the cheaper eBay ones are not. (Not saying if this means much as CE marking is subject to fraud to quite a large degree).Have some alternative safety blocks as the built-in safety latches are not very good. Also make sure you have good tie-downs and supports/props as the bike does not stay particularly stable on the lift alone.

Or…Mad Farquhar2014-07-29 11:36:16

Yes, the AbbaStands are great, but have you seen the price? Not cost-effective for me, but a good product.If you have a “lighter” bike, then the AbbaStands Sport Bike Stand is also very good.For us poverty-stricken heavy-weights then a proprietary ATV/Bike Lift seems a better bet.You pays your money, etc…

What ever you get will be a compromise. It won’t appear so until a couple of months after you buy it. One day it will dawn on you that the stand, hoist, bench whatever will not allow one task you need to do without a great deal of faffing about.

Its a reasonable opinion. However, in my case the general purpose lift is better as it allows me to use it on various bikes and also (most important) crab the Tonti Frame which specific lift models may not allow.

Hi all i am reading this post as just bought the clark cml5 bike lift from machine mart and trying to use it safely but the gap between the two rests are very wide is it safe to place a thick plank of wood for the sump to sit on and lift then strap it down?Â

I ment to say its for my cali 1100iÂ

I would think that would be ok if it’s robust enough. I was lent a similar lift which I used for the S3. I had one plank of wood under the sump and a block further back. Wasn’t too precarious and all stayed put when I turned the bent fork stanchions through 180 degrees. I found it difficult to find a way to strap it down so didn’t.