motorcycle riding gear

I managed to lose my Textile trousers on the way back from the GMG, my fault I didnt stop to tighten the straps on by bag, annoying as I had just had the zip replaced ( and they were not veyr old)
the jacket and trousers are SPADA but the zip on the jacket has also given trouble, so rather than source another pair of the trousers I plan to buy a new set of jacket and trousers, not expensive though
any one had any good or bad experiences with frank Thomas or a similar range
I have leathers for most of my riding so its just for bad weather
looking to spend under 300 for both

Ta muchly

My favourite all-weather gear is an oldish Hein Gericke textile jacket with leather trousers. If it rains much I have a cheap pair of waterproof trouser to slip on over them.

I have RST trousers and a Hein Gericke jacket, both are waterproof in the worst conditions. The only issue is that they don’t zip together but as the jacket is long (and I ride a Stelvio) so it doesn’t ride up my back as it might with clip-ons.

Both are now 8 years old, all zips and velcro still work well. I have had to patch the legs twice where I caught them on the exhaust (I emailed RTS and they sent me a large piece of material to patch with) I have also had to sew the velcro back on the waist band because I used to be a bit longer around the circumference and it was under stress and became unstitched!

From memory total of both was below £300. You might be better getting both matching so they zip together.

PS both have removable thermal linings, very snug in the winter but not fitted back in yet

Thanks for the advice
I will pop out this week and have a look see whats on offer
I dont buy online as I like to try things on
I have a Heine geiricke one piece oversuit I wear with my leathers, its even got enough room for a fleece as well if the temperature drops
I bought the last textile suit several sizes too large to go over the leathers, but its too much faffing about so this time I rode with leather trousers and thermals and the textile jacket and kept nice and warm
these jackets have moved on a fair bit and I now prefer wearing them

I had a Rucca one piece suit that was brilliant until you stopped then it was a pain, I used to take the top half off and tie the sleeves round my waist but it was still a pain. Separate jacket and trousers work for me

Well a bit of luck, I had a client to see some distance away, and the dog eaters car is still being repaired under warranty ( for the third time !!!)
so rather than hire a cab, as it was too far to cycle, I rode over to J and S as they have a new store at Staverton
the chap on the counter is a real motorcyclist, and soon sorted me with some gear after asking a few questions
I got a Frank Thomas jacket and trousers, high vis with protection in them, and the best bit is the lining in the trousers can be removed ( fixed on the spada) the zips are of a much better quality, and the trousers have a non slip patch on the arse, so I dont keep sliding forward and cutting the bloodflow to the family jewels !!!
thats why I was wearing leather trousers last time
all in 220 quid
took the bike for a good long ride afterwards and I was nice and warm

Good result, does the jacket have removable lining too? Do the two parts zip together?

Happy days.
I like the quality of FT stuff.
My free FT kit (won from Bike magazine 15 years ago) istill going strong.

it does seem to be more sturdy the other suit I had
sadly i have a brand new riding suit fully armoured jacket and trousers but they are too big for me
a mate bought them, but the fat git realised he needed a size bigger and was too embarrased to go back to the shop
hes loaded any way
I have to sell them for him

There are pleanty of us fat gits about :cry:


No need to shout I’m only over here :smiley: