Motorcycle Tracking devices

the theft rate around here is going through the roof
lots of bikes are being stolen from garages usually by the use of transits or pick ups, as well as the local scum hiding them in lock ups
after 16 years I am very attached to my motorcycle, so would like to install a tracking device
that would enable me, if it goes walkies to turn up and use extreme violence on the perpetrators ( sorry not interested in calling the police)
however for some one who is Jurassic, trying to understand the different systems and operating methods is hurting my brain
I have found that some units do nothing until you ping them with a text, then show the location
others start to chatter if they leave the geo fence
others have movement sensors fitted
some have very expensive monitoring charges, and I worry that if the company goes tits up you are left with a useless device
other need charging every few days, so totally useless
what I want is a low current consumption unit that I can install myself, and it will be well concealed ( I have some experience of this work)
ideally able to locate via a PC or a tablet as I dont use a smart phone, and would send out signals as soon as it moved
that way if they disable it and conceal it, I have a path and a route to follow and an area to stake out
some are GPS
some are mobile phone mast
some are RF ???

in fact my head is hurting trying to read up about it
also many of the reviews are slightly biased
at the moment Monimoto looks good, as does Autocomm and the rewire security telematics device
I cant afford a high end system, having noticed the initial cost, plus installation plus monitoring and that adds up to a lot of money, I alos dont want one of those cheapo Chinese things, although a friend has had good results with one

The other thing that perturbs me is the service life, monimoto uses something called 2G is that liable to be taken out of service ??

any answers gratefully received

Ps a workmate lost his High End BMW GS AWOL last week, all that money and no tracking device ??, if I was in a position to buy a new machine it would be fitted before it left the showroom

you lot must all be luddites
no one has given me any ideas, so I am going to go to the best source
ask some teenagers, they all seem to understand technology

Are you still asking ?
A gps/ gsm combo will usually work, unless it’s found, but then any device will get trashed.
Having one that has an rf direction finding capability will help, but Only if you have the means to do this aspect, and it’s not easy, I spent 30 years doing it, then teaching it for a department of the UK government.

Go with an off the shelf unit, designed for purpose, if you need further help just ask.


Would the crime prevention team at the police station have any recommendations.
Also wondering about BMF and MAG. You get associates membership to both as a club member.
Last thing that comes to mind is a review by one of the bike magazines such as Ride.
On another note. If you are thinking about taking the law into your own hands best not to post it on here.
Good luck

Ta Muchly
I have seen a unit that seems to do everything, built in back up battery,movement sensing, and it can be monitored via my home pc ( I dont use a smartphone)

the RF idea is one I thought about, but as you say you need the kit and the skill to use it
something i lack
typical electrician, I avoid technology if I can
concealing it is not a problem as I plan to make it look O/E

Our Local Police station along with the traffic police workshop and garage have been flattened and sold off to make money for the brown envelope brigade
Crime Prevention no longer exists
we have a small handful of Police officers and they spend their time chasing from one idiot to the next
we have a few PCSOs most are useless, one or two are dedicated
the criminal know this and pick the times when the rozzers are busy
guy fawkes night has the highest incidence of vehicle theft round here ???
Not likely to post anything on here about dealing with scum
I tend to be a trifle abrupt with them
once bitten and all that
I did look at a few magazine reviews, but as they rarely pay for anything, I take it with a pinch of salt
I am slowly working my way through the mass of technical buzz words
so hopefully will get the right gadget
its not the be all and end all
but I also have a land shark at home, and have an eye for spotting a wrong un
my machine is not worth a great deal, but I am attached to it, and resent the fact that an unemployed bone idle third generation dole sponger might ride around gurning in front of his mates on it

Have you thought about tying a long piece of cotton to it? :confused:
Luddite indeed! :smiley:

I tried that, the cat ran off with the end though !!

Sounds like they’ll pinch anything in your hood :smiley:

Have a look at page 10 of MCN JAN 30 edition.
Apparently with most trackers you are not allowed to
know the location of the vehicle only the police can access
this information.
Datatool have brought one out that gets round this problem
Its called trakking adventure s5

Good call.

its got to be fitted by their agent and its not cheap
I think I have found a decent unit for a little less that does everything the datatool does
I went off datatools products a few years back when I had several of their alarms fail on my bikes

The datatools are expensive. I was put off when I saw it was part of Scorpion. Not a good experience with them.
What did you find?

Interesting. I could do with a cheap solution, I have 14 bikes at the moment, and probably only 3 or so that I’d happily see stolen.

I will PM you both
I might write an article for the club mag, I have been doing a great deal of research but ti takes time to cut through the horsefeathers !!

Thanks for the PM
I will look forward to the article.

I have a Datatool TrakKING tracker fitted to my Aprilia.
It tells me if it moves without the ignition key in. I can ping it and find it on a map etc.

Can’t remember what it cost to fit but that included a few years subscription. I had to renew last year and it was about £100.