Motorcycle Turntable

Has anyone bought a Easy Turn Motorcycle Turntable?

If so what do you think of it

I have one of these it is well made (not sure if this is the same seller but the trolley looks the same) has the bonus of being able to move it around the garage to park the bike better. It also is good for moving washing machines! :smiley:

I’m tempted! Just sold a dirt bike stand (to someone who is going to use it as a workstand for electronics gear) and have room, need and a bit of surprise cash.
I’ll try to resist :open_mouth:

Mhhhh - and nearly 1/2 the price!

A couple of questions Chris
a) how high off the ground is the part where you land the center stand
b) what is the lever for



a) 20mm, was a bit of a heave to get the Stelvio onto the centre stand on it but not impossible
b) The lever lifts two castors on a long side just off the floor so stopping it moving around

Best wishes Chris

It would appear that the £40 red ones are from China, mine is black and was a little more expensive, £50 but is UK made

Cheers Chris

The lack of height (10mm) of the turntable is one of the things that makes it interesting - you could nigh on bolt it to the floor permanently with only a minor trip hazard

However, your one allows you to move the bike sideways

Thanks for checking though

I use a similar type as Chris in my workshop and it allows me to move me bike around and put it out of the way, a brilliant bit of kit. Mind you my floor is quite smooth so the casters roll around easy, could be different if your floor surface was rough.
Cheers Ian

As I see it if you have a turntable that only rotates then you need to place it in the middle of a space with a big enough clear area to rotate the bike 180 deg.

For one like I have you can move the bike in any direction even sideways, rotate it, steer it into a corner or space no wider than the length of the bike. Many more uses, as well as moving washing machines!

I will stick with what I have

You have convinced me :smiley:


It was the washing machine that did it :smiley: