Motorcycling in Italy

You need to carry with you:
driving licence
photographic ID
motorcycle registration papers V5
insurance certificate
Green Card
reflective vest to be used in the event of a break-down or accident
spare spectacles or contact lenses if the driver uses corrective eye-wear
GB sticker

Speed limits:
in towns 50km/h (~30mph)
out of town 90km/h (~ 55mph)
dual lane roads 110km/h (~70mph)
motorway (Autostrada) 130km/h (~80mph) - green signs, some are toll roads(Pedaggio)

Headlights should be switched on and dipped at all times of day or night when driving on motorways and dual carriageways outside towns
On-the-spot fines will be handed out for drivers who use bus or cycle lanes
Flashing amber traffic lights means proceed with caution but give way to traffic on the right

Useful Websites: