Motorcycling in other European Countries

When abroad, you’ll need to carry your Driving Licence
and Insurance Certificate, having a Green Card will still make it simpler to prove you’re covered.
Make sure your insurance is valid for the country you are travelling to!
and vehicle registration V5 Certificate
It’s a good idea to carry paper copies of your documents and keep them separate in case one gets lost accidentally.

You must wear a hi viz vest in:
Bosnien & Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slowenia, Czech Republic and Hungary

Warning Triangle:
Hungary, Albania, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Malta,

First Aid Kit:
Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Chech Republic, Slowenia and Slowakia

Spare Bulb Kit:
Albania, Croatia, France, Hungary, Macedonia and Kosovo

Useful Websites:

Welcome as all this info is, what brought it on all of a sudden? just curious … :smiley:

Probably as Uki is the forum officer and in that capacity she posts such information on here, and seeing that there is a pandemic she probably has the time to do so. When the borders are re-opened we will have all the information we need for riding in Europe. I would like to thank Uki for her efforts, I think she is doing a great job and has my full support.

Thanks Chris!

And you are absolutely right I browsed through the Forum and came on to traveling advice from 2014 and clearly outdated, so I checked Websites as it was raining here and posted it.

Hopefully we all can tour again soon and Mandello 2021 is not that far ahead in the future, so better be prepared!

If you know more details especially if you live in these counties please add more details.

Cheers Uki

PS: I will remove the “banter” (incl. mine) in theses threads regularly to make them into a useful research tool!

Fair enough! :smiley:

Back from Italy 3 weeks ago, no hi viz, never spotted a high viz to be honest , take care in France, multiple speed limits on small roads with no tolerance, I took extra care this year after contributing to the French treasury in 2019!