Motorcycling in Spain

Speed limits

The general limit on normal roads (with no central separation or hard shoulder) out of town is 90km/h (55mph) unless signed otherwise. However you’re allowed to exceed the limit by up to 20km/h (12mph) in order to overtake slower traffic.
If there’s a second lane in one direction (usually a short overtaking lane) that goes up to 100km/h (62mph), and the same applies to roads with a hard shoulder each side.
Motorways are 120km/h (75mph) (although that may be increased to 130km/h (80mph) soon).
Urban areas (within town/village/city signs) are generally 50km/h (31mph) but might be lower and there are often residential areas that have 20km/h limits (12mph)

Spanish bus lanes
In some places (mostly Barcelona and Madrid, but there are others), there are dedicated bus lanes, marked ‘BUS-VAO’. VAO is short for the Spanish for High Occupancy Vehicles, which includes bikes, so you’re allowed to use these lanes. Watch out for the buses though

Always carry your driving licence, vehicle registration document

You should have a reflective vest with your luggage, to use in case of an emergency (to prevent behing hit by a car).

If you need glasses for riding, you must carry a spare pair of glasses as well.

You need a GB sticker on the bike as well.

Some sources say you are required to wear gloves at all times.

You must ride with a dipped headlight during the day.

You are still allowed to use radar detectors and radar indicators

You’re not allowed to use your horn in built-up areas.

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