Mounting Sat Nav on Cali

Dear all

I have a Cali EV with screen

Have made decision that to get more use I could really do with mounting a sat nav

Anyone have a neat/elegant and easily usable mounting position?

considered mounting a cross bar on the screen supports.

If anyone has pictures of a system that works well it would be great to see


I have a Zumo 660 on my Cali and I use this bracket/bar mount (only available from USA?).

I have it combined with this locking bracket

I have a Garmin GPSmap76 on RAM mounts.

I had something like this on mine.

A couple of quid off e Bay. You dont need to spend a fortune. I did 4 trips to Italy from Denmark and the GPS was rock solid. The Mount stayed on the bike all the time.

Just search e Bay for the motorcycle GPS Mount of the type of GPS you have.