My new Guzzi - throttle and rattles


I got my 2010 V7 Classic delivered yesterday (nice!) and finally took it for a ride this morning.

Being used to riding a 600 Hornet I know it’s going to take a while getting used to a very different sort of machine but I do have a couple of queries that those more experienced then me may be able to answer:

Firstly the throttle and I think this may be actually a fuelling question - when cruising along at quite low revs, say around 2.5-3k, the engine seems to miss a beat once in a while. Is that normal or could it be something that needs attention (electronic ignition/fuel/mapping)?

Secondly, at just above idling revs, 1100-1200 rpm, there seems to be a metallic rattle from low done under the engine. It’s not clutch rattle - I know what THAT sounds like from my Hornet! It is something else and only at that rev. Any ideas?

One last question, and I think I know the answer to this: when idling and turning the bike to full left lock, the revs go up. Do I need to look at the throttle cable routing?

Other than that I love it!


It would be worth putting 1/2 a bottle of injector cleaner in the next tank of petrol and take it for a long run. if the bike hasn’t been used much the injectors might need a clean, regards Throttle cable its probably routed wrong as you suspect.Regards the rattle check for loose or catching heat shields on the exhaust. Guzzi’s take a bit of getting use to I have been riding Guzzis for over twenty years and they still have me confused at times, do persevere as they are an acquired taste but welcome to the club and I hope to see you at some of the club rally’s this year
Regards keith

Throttle routing, yes.

Rattle, both my Breva and Nevada have loosened an exhaust baffle, which give a distinct rattle. Also, remember the clutch is dry plate, not wet like the Hornet.

Fueling at low speed is an issue when the bike is cold or the weather is extremely cold. I find once “properly” warmed up, it clears. Some have not been able to live with it and gone for fuelling models.

Thanks for the reply guys!

That’s useful info.

Looking at the mileage on the previous MOTs it does look like the bike has hardly been used in a year, so I will try the injector cleaner when I next fill up.

As far as the throttle cabling is concerned, I’ll see if I can work out from the service manual whether it has indeed been taken the wrong way past the frame and/or tank.

Given that the weather is so warm at the mo, I guess that cold starting is not the issue here, and the problem of missing a beat did continue through a 30 mile ride this morning. I’ve read on the forum about fuel mapping, but never having had a fuel injection bike before I don’t know what that means, if it is possible to have it set up incorrectly, and how it can be changed.

I noted the clutch rattle on my V7 which like my Hornet disappears when the clutch lever is pulled, so this rattle is indeed something else. I’ll check the exhaust heat shield fastenings, but is there anything I can do to fix loose baffles?

HOWEVER, after all that I must say I love the riding position and comfort, and the sound from the V-twin and the exhausts! It’s also lovely to ride a bike which isn’t just another Jap mass-production machine and feels like it’s got real character.


Quick update on the rattle:

The rear hex bolt fastener on the left hand exhaust heat shield was a bit loose and so I tightened it up, and then started up…

and the rattle is still there! It is coming from that heat shield as when I hold the shield the rattle goes away. Hmm, how to fix that…?


Any recommendations on a brand of injector cleaner to buy?


I find that Comma petrol magic is as good as any but provided its petrol injector cleaner i don’t think you will have a problem, twice a year max .
The breva 750 had a fiber washer between the heat shield and silencer to stop the rattles i am guessing the V7 will be the same
Regards keith

I had an 08 V7 Classic. I don’t recollect the fuelling being an issue. I now have a V7ii Special, and I don’t think the low speed fuelling is as good as it ought to be. I have made several posts and comments on here about it, but that doesn’t help you.

The map is the electronics used in the ECU to vary the amount of fuel injected into the engine. It varies the fuel with the throttle opening, air temperature, engine temperature, air pressure, exhaust temperature, etc. The particular problems here seem to relate to the current Euro regs and emissions at low rpm. If you have ever dealt with the old SU carburettor, then the map for the ECU is analogous to the taper on the needle of the SU. Both can be varied.

I am glad you like your V7 Classic. I had some great trips on mine to France. The only defect I found was an unpleasant buzz through the footpegs. I cured that by removing the existing rubber inserts, and taping on a 30mm thickness of closed cell foam cut from a camping mat.

OK, I’ve looked at the cable routing for the throttle and it seems fine.

However, just a quick question - the clip/retainer on the left hand side of the frame just in front of the tank - are the cables meant to be so snug inside it?


Hi Jim,
Yes, on my 2016 V7 II Stone, all of the cables and wiring pass behind the two frame mounted ‘clips’

Can you rubber mount the heat shield using tap washers, or would they get hot?

I would guess that if you put the tap washers on the outside of the insulation washers - i.e. just inside the heat shield rather than on the exhaust side of the insulation washers, then they may help to dampen the rattle… I’ll try that!


The other source of rattle in that area is the side stand in the raised position. The kick loop needs bending away from the exhaust. Baldrick sorted mine with a lump hammer I recall!