Mysterious behavior of V50

Hello, I am the guy from Denmark, who rebuilt/customized an old tired “baby-blue” V50II - to a fire engine red “sports” Guzzi…
Now, on the road an registered, the motor runs very, very well -absolutely no complaint in this department!

But, as some of you would remember, I installed LED turn signals, which I got to Work, after considerable headscratching, involving a new “heavy duty” blinker relais.
My problem now is, that stationary, the turn signals Work beautifully - but, engine running, they dont want to “blink” - they just show constant light!
My guess is, I might need a kind of resistance? - since the relais seemingly dont want to Work, when the generator is charging the battery…
Beeing no “electricity wizard” I hope some members have a bright solution to my sorrows.

Next, my front tele “buttoms out” - ie. goes easily to the bottom of its travel, even if I have the correct amount of oil in the legs.
My workshop manual says: “Dont tamper with the fork dampers, get them renewed if they doesnt Work”.
But, what is “fork dampers”?
Where can I eventually buy them - or, can they be repaired?

Maybe my 1979 springs might be tired?
Could it be a good idea, to get hold of a new set, with progressive resistance?

Please help,
Denmark.lasse2014-07-17 13:04:49

no idea re your turn signals but your fork dampers are as shown on Gutsibits web site under Suspension part number SUA14407 there might be a few small things like circlips which might be wise to replace at the same time, if the dampers and springs are the original ones and you were happy with them buy the ‘same again’ if not try a more updated product like as you said ones with progressive resistance, repairing the original is not a done thing as the cost of a new standard damper is not that high
northwest2014-07-23 15:49:09

A normal flasher unit will expect to “see” at least 2 x 21W bulbs in parallel as a load, this will produce normal flashing rate. One bulb only will produce a fast flash, this means a bulb is non-operational and is a warning. Presumably in this case no flashing means “no bulbs”. So yes often it is required to add dummy load resistors in parallel where changing to LED lamps.

I calculate each LED lamp needs a 6.8 Ohms resistor added in parallel to make it “look” like a 21W bulb. Note however the power dissipation rating for such a resistor needs to be say 50W (each) to be on the safe side. You can get aluminium clad power resistors that could be mounted on the frame or a plate as a heat sink. Starts getting complicated!

Simpler I think to get a flasher specially for LED lamps.

PS: Re forks: seems to me like the springs are too soft?

If anything like the big blocks (I presume?) dampers are sealed internal units, fork oil does nothing except lubricate. Changing it for something different will not influence damping.

However might be worth taking the legs apart to make sure assembled properly, another member on here found one of his dampers was disconnected from its rod!

Thank you Mike!
In the meantime i believe I have remedied the dual troubles by:

  1. Ordered a special “blinker” unit, exclusively for LEDs
  2. Got yesterday a pair of progressive “Wirth” springs, together with a Ã¥air of standard dampers.

So, after the weekend, everything should (hopefully) be better than normal…

Seems reasonable to me!

My turn signals now Work perfectly - as do my front teles - with brand new damper units