Nearly a Vowner

Hi Folks,
My name is Stef and i am a Derby Lad.
I have put a deposit on a V7 Special (grey) on Nov 11th.
The dealership has been crap on updating me on when i can expect to get my Guzzi.
Does anyone know how long lead times are from placing an order and getting a new bike?

Excuses they give are “we will call you back”, bloke who placed the order is not in today,

I have asked for my order no, so i can chase it up with Motor Guzzi, ( Q tumbleweed)

All i’m asking for is an update.

Sorry it’s a moan but i just want an idea for when i will become a proud owner of a Guzzi.



Hi Steph, I think that the problems caused by the recent blockage in the Suez Canal, which caused many of the world’s ships and containers, to be “all over the place”, may have something to do with any delay… It was reported that this would cause supply-chain issues, that would take quite some time to rectify … I know that this doesn’t help … but, I am certain you will forget any delay when you fire it up… get some wind in your face… and look back, with a smile on your face, after your very first ride … Regards, Tony

I work at JCB and we have many supply problems at the moment. We have never stopped building except during first lockdown last year, but there are lots of incomplete diggers waiting for final parts. Demand is also high so we have a 6 month lead time on some machine types. I expect Guzzi are in a similar situation.

Doesn’t help, but the new V7 Specials seem to be in high demand and short supply. I got mine from Wheels at Peterborough, and they only ever had four all year. And two of those sort of ‘by accident’, originally should have gone to another dealer but who didn’t want them in the end. When I was buying mine (the last one they had left) the sales guy said he’s not sure that they were going to get any more this year (this was October). :frowning:

Cheers Folks,
It is what it is, i am just frustrated by the dealerships lethargy in giving me an update.
It would be nice to get my bike before Christmas but it is looking doubtful. hey, ho.

The dealer may not know anything until the bike is complete and been despatched from the factory. In JCB world there is a not a single supply issue which can be planned and managed around, it is a whole variety of things which changes continuously. This makes planning anything very difficult!
From what I hear, most other vehicle builders are in the same situation.

Good news,
The dealership contacted me today.
They have sorted a bike out for me and it should be delivered before Christmas. (Fingers crossed)]

Good news indeed :smiley:

Yay! :smiley:

Great news, happy days. :smiley: