Need an in tank fuel pump?

If you need an in tank fuel pump for a big Breva or similar look here

There are loads on e-bay the Alpha or Fiat ones fit too as will one of the Ford ones. The external fuel pump on the V11 Le Mans is the same as a car one all you need to do is make sure the fittings are the same size inner Dia as the fuel hoses. The expensive item from Guzzi is the fuel inline filter, ANY corresponding car one will do the job at about £20

Ken, the pumps and fiters in the tank are different. Looking at the picture of the one in question, I still can’t see how it fits replacing the original.

Only downside is that it is from USA and you run the risk of getting a customs charge + handling fee from the courier

Got stung for total of £40 on small parts from USA two years ago

Brian Yup I know the internal ones are different and there IS a link to replacement INTERNAL as well as the external ones that one looks like an external one.

Jim Mac It depends on courier SOME inc The PO charge a fee JUST because any item has come through Customs up to £19 which IS an utter rip off as well as any duty due. I actually complained to a vendor in the USA about being charged £19 ON TOP of duties and taxes, they checked with their courier and actually refunded my £19. It IS worth raising a complaint as it is a surcharge on the carriage which you have already paid for.

You DO have to point out that the duties and import taxes have been levied separatley and quote them, query the courier charge. I KNOW why they do it but can’t go into that in open forum.

But if you check there are couriers that ONLY charge the actual Tax Customs duty

The one shown is nothing like the Breva one.

That pump looks very much like the one in my nevada that I have had recent trouble with.