Need to listen to an 1100cc CARC BIKE.

Looked at a Griso 1100 recently. Clutch ( I assume) sounded rattly, both with clutch lever pulled in, and released. Unsure how noisy they should be.
Fuelling was snatchy as well.

So any one got one that I can hear who is local, Fair Oak, Eastleigh is my location.

On GRiSO Ghetto Lee is in Hampshire and has one.
It is very very quite except when the clutch is pulled in - not nearly as bad as a dry-clutch ducatiā€¦ but noisy.

I think the 1100 is a good choice 85% of the power of the 1200 but quieter and no complex cylinder heads :smiley:

Thank you, already had a reply from someone on another forum.