neutral switch access Breva 750ie

What is the location of the aforesaid switch and how do you access it to test? any ideas please.

On my technical drawing, it is mounted at the rear, approximately central, above the clutch arm linkage, thats on top of the box, I am not well enough to shift mine out of the garage and have a look otherwise I would take a photo, but this might help
it is numbered 11

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Hope you feel better soon :+1:

I am taking it easy for a few days
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I have a PDF from the factory of the complete machine, if you send me a PM with your email I will work out how to send it to you ( I am a bit tardy with computers)
I was thinking about writing an article about 20 years of Breva ownership, but my PC is going to be replaced soon, so I will do it when I get the new one

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Hi ,
Thank you for your response to my query about the neutral switch on my Breva. I think I can identify the switch from your reply and will be able to access it to test it. I don’t quite understand what is meant by PM someone not being up with tech jargon. So here is my e-mail I will greatly appreciate any information about this machine that you can pass on.

The switch will act as a contact to earth so you can test the wiring by removing the wire and touching the metal terminal to the gearbox casing and that should illuminate the light on the dash.

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you should now have lots of PDF files for the Breva
Also if you can remove your email address, click on the pencil under the posting ( edit) then remove your email address
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your email was just returned to me, apparently your inbox will not accept large files ?
I will try to break it down

Thank you very much, I wish I had this info. earlier. I have been trying to rectify damage due to an accident in December last year therefore this is going to be invaluable.
I wish you well and hope you recover soon and hope to meet you in person at some point.
W.(bill) Kelynack

The problem is access and position not how to sort it. Thanks for your input though.