Nevada 750 (2014) Bevel Box Oil Leak

After a 600 mile ride up to Cheshire recently the writing was on the wall. The oil leak wasn’t going to cure itself. Gutsibits Gasket and Seal part no TRA 27000 installed this week by my mate Kev who had to completely strip out the bevel box on my Nevada 750. A 5 hour job but straightforward for a well equipped workshop. All three seals needed replacing at 15000 miles. We think that the lengthy showroom storage and blocked breather contributed to the situation. Also water ingress into the trumpet due to poor assembly / installation of the trumpet gaiter allowing rust to develop on the shaft accelerated the wear on the first input seal. But the worst culprit was the failed large output seal. All’s well now, the job having been done to perfection and I’m well pleased. So for those with similar problems bite the bullet and get the job done! Thanks to Gutsibits for supplying a complete kit of parts to do the job including three oil seals and all gaskets. Note that my 2014 Nevada 750 has the same engine type and running gear as the V7 II Stone etc.

I was blaming those Dowty washers for being insecure and causing drips of oil whereas all the time it was probably overpressuring the bevel box due to rust and crud blocking the original breather. The top hat is mild steel and the inside rusts easily. I regularly check now and squirt some lube through the hole from in to out. Does anyone know the exact function of that little plastic device inside the breather??? Overpressuring an already iffy output seal probably finished the job off. If Ihad more faith in the local dealer I would have let them sort it but I don’t think they are up to it as they have demonstrated their failings a tad too often for me. Just a note about the now discontinued (in the UK) Nevada 750. It has the same engine and running gear as the V7 II so those of you with 2014 / 15 V 7’s may experience all the same problems that I have had with my late model Nevada. But it’s still a great bike and it munches the miles with me and the missus so it’s still a keeper despite some of the foibles!