Nevada airbox

How do you remove the flippin’ thing?

Workshop where Bloke is lurking at pres as one in for work and nobody can fathom how to remove the air box

Anybody know the secret and wanna spill? Please? Halfnut2013-06-25 22:27:47

The user manual is available from Guzzitek looks like the contraption is similar to the old ones fitted to the Spada T3 etc and is a nightmare to get out. Undo the wing nut at the very front and pull of the main apart as far as you can, then you have to try and get the big plastic bit off the carbs. The Spada T3 etc has bits that unscrew off the carb ends, once they are undone, then there is probably enough room to jiggle the thing out and straight into the nearest bin, to be replaced with a pair of K & N filters!

Love the last bit. It’s exactly what has happened with our spada and T3 k&n are the way to go most certainly, thanx v much will pass that on

Took the airbox off the NTX which may similar in that department.
Tank, seat, battery and carbs off.
Disconnect everything and start from the back/carb end. The bit that joins the carbs to the box came away from the air filter section. Undo the clips and split the top from bottom and remove separately.
Not nice at all
Best of luck

Yes I imagine carbs off, as it also gets you more space

It Being a titchy wee guzzi, there seems to be no room for manovering at all, or so I’m told, by the Bloke

Who is currently pressing the "fit k&n " argument to those concerned

Apparently air box is in a horrible and nasty state too

Or does it look like this? It am do use a flat rectangular filter

Not seen it dunno, not a nevada fan… but thats me personally, honest but thanks mike h will show it to the Bloke

Who is still leaning on th k&n route which is cool

If it is that, it looks a complete barsteward to get out, the round filter housing is bad enough. Note bracket 11 at the front end…