Nevada cafe project

Contemplating rebuilding my old Nevada with new style and parts- kind of cafe project. Undertaking alteration such as moving footpegs etc must have issues when insuring the bike. What is the procedure for doing a project like this from an insurance and DVLA.

Any advice welcome

Hi, according to DVLA rules, no modification must be made to the frame, ie cutting seat rails and the suchlike, (though many do), so moving footpegs etc is fine, but as for your insurance company it’s best to check with them.

Thanks for that

I don’t think there will be much more than this other than changes to the handle bars etc )

Honest Officer, they were all made like that! :smiley:

I have changed the bars & mounts, and declared them to the insurance company stating they were for personnal ergonomic positioning reasons. No problem.

V11, I have declared the different clocks, clip-ons, levers, bikini screen and rear cans. Again no problem, except Carol Nash is a pain to get a written acknowledgement of the declaration from.

talk to RH specialist insurance… Far better that CN for modded guzzi…

Thanks to all. looking forward to pressing on with the work.