Nevada injection hoses

Today I set about renewing my injector hoses. In faffing with the (so called) quick release banjo, the pipe had gotten buckled and the pump was seeming to labour. They were north of 15 years old and not sure of ethanol effects hence. Gutsi bits had supplied the parts timely. Ran the bike up and disconnects the power to the pump to release the pressure. Syfond the tank out. Snipped the hose with side cutters and the tank was a joy to remove. Cut the pipes an inch ftom the injectors. Removed the injectors. Removed the QR banjo from the fuel pump. Scored the remaining hoses along theif axis and then split them off. Cut the supplied hoses to length. Grease the banjo, injector and tee piece nipples. Route hoses, ready crimps and press nipples in. Crimp up. Reinstall injectors and replace tank. Fuel and start. Jobs a gooden. :grinning: