Nevada Trike

I have bought a Nevada with a Reliant rear axle. The rear brake master cylinder seems inadequate for the 2 drum brake cylinders.
What larger master cylinder would fit, I see 13mm bore ones on ebay that might pump a greater amount of brake fluid.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, John

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What size does it have fitted at the moment?

I’m not even going to attempt to suggest anything, given my total lack of mechanical sensibilities, but I can offer this:

Guzziology contains a whole chapter on brakes, and specific sections within that on “improving braking power” and “de-integrating brakes” with guidance (suggestions) on changing master cylinders, callipers, and brake discs for various situations. No specific mention of trikes, certainly, but I think that begging, borrowing or, um, buying a copy of that tome* might be a very good investment.

Hope this helps.

P.S. If you don’t know of Guzziology, more here:

Secondhand copies do come up, Gutsibits (for one) stock hard copies, and it’s also available for kindles/tablets (I believe).

*Buy, if you can. The author deserves recompense for this indispensable resource.

Some people with trikes will use a cable to a modified master cylinder off a car as there is a bit of space at the back.

whether that will help you in any way, I don’t know.

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The rear brake on a Florida would have been operating 2 twin piston calipers so would have been moving a fair bit of fluid. Your Reliant will have a single piston slave cylinder on each side so needs much less fluid movement.
Is the pedal very solid? I do believe that you would actually need a smaller master cylinder. Have a read of this article…

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Thank you all for your suggestions. It has only just occurred to me that my Mille GT had a master cylinder large enough to operate the back brake and also one calliper at the front via the linked brake system. Maybe that would have been as the Florida suggestion. Will have to investigate that option. Thanks all again.

any photos of the trike? never seen a guzzi trike, always seem to be that other kind of v twin with the engine the wrong way round

Having it hopefully on Friday so will put some pictures up then.

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May be with a look at a trike specialty. The few builds that I know of have included a lot in f attention to rear brakes. Drums and extra weight will need a bit of extra help.
Good luck.

Hi, it has been a rike with drum brakes for about 16 years. I do intend looking at a disk conversion when funds allow but in the meantime just want to improve the brakes as they are.

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Excellent resource👍