nevada,v7, any probs or stuff to watch out for.

Hi all, am seeking information on nevada and V7s. any problems that came to light during ownership, the newer nevada has fuel injection, any probs, I have rode and maintained big guzzi for a number of years, me knowledge of small guzzi is nil :exclamation: Tom.

Not a lot of knowledge myself either, but have read many horror stories about the plastic tanks growing on the earlier V7’s I would avoid one of these, not sure how easy it is to fit the later metal tank? Is it a straight swap or has the fuel pump location changed?

Yes, plastic tanks can change shape but it’s not a problem exclusive to Moto Guzzi. Wife has a Breva 750 which has many similarities with the Efi Nevada and the tank needed a bit of persuasion to refit after a couple of months off the bike but it’s nothing im the great scheme of things.

Regarding the V7, if you change the plastic tank for a metal one you need the specific fuel pump. Someone on here will be able to confirm if the V7i & V7ii tanks are interchangeable.


I have a Breva and Nevada. The Nevada has a metal tank and has suffered no ethanol poisonings other than the in tank filter. Not a huge job for the home mechanic. Most bikes will have had this fail by now been replaced with a metal one.

The Breva has a swelled tank, but no blistering of the paint. 41,000 it has been trouble free.

The Breva is the better solo ride. The Nevada carries a pillion better. That said both are very capable at either.

Hi all, thanks for replies, am thinking more towards Nevada, possibly fuel injection, a lot more info on some other sites about V7, more V7 sold?, so more info available, I could be a bit picky,but after riding and owning a number of larger guzzi and knowing most of there problems, I hope to be forewarned and know what to look out for with the smaller Guzzi, Tom.

keep an eye on the oil level, they often drink a bit when new
mine improved once I started hammering it flat out everywhere
but the sump is quite small and if you let it get low it seems to burn it away as the motor runs very hot
grease the head bearings if you get a chance
and pop the gaiter off the back of the gearbox and check the shaft for water ingress
I give mine a few drops of oil to keep it happy

Wot 'e said.
My Lil’Breva up to 50,000 miles and has recently had all the hoses, filters etc changed and feels as good as new.
I’ve ridden a carbed Nevada and a 6 foot expected it to be cramped. Not a bit of it and extremely flickable.

thanks for all info and advice, sorted, first hour riding nevada was a big learning for me, rain did not help, but got in the groove and everything fell into place, I had forgot what it was like to ride smaller motorbikes, brought up on diet brit bikes mainly Triumphs for over 30plus years, the last 30 + big guzzi, no probs riding me calli, but maneuvering em around yard to heavy, any body know approx milage on full tank nevada classic, Tom.

110 to the light and 130 is as far as I have dared.

thanks for that, always ready for rollie,snack, drink at that mileage, and top up, Tom.

I am currently in Spain, returning to the UK after travelling down to the south of Alicante with a mate who is out here for the summer, we both have Nevada 750s, both carbs. His is '01, mine a '95. Both bikes never mjssed a beat. Mine is a bit vibey at 70, smooths out at 80 but shakes it’s head a bit due to the screen I think. 65 is a breeze! We were taking our time and avoiding motorways. So an ideal bike and I can’t believe how comfortable the NevAda has been over long hauls. An ideal mile muncher! Davyp

My V7 Classic has a vibration at around 3500 rpm that is irritating because quite often that seems to be the rpm I need to run at. However below 3000 or above 4000 and it is as sweet as a nut. So I change down and all is well. Simples!

So does blistering on the paint exist as a result of fuel? Or did I spill something on my Breva? I do have bubbles in the paint. Also to me the tank is pig ugly, any replacement to make more sexy and less 1980’s …?

Yes, that is likely ethanol pox. Try to use the bike regular, or store it brimmed with Super unleaded or bone dry.

The ethanol soaks thru from the inside and raises the paint from underneath. So I’ve seen it explained.

See the other posts on this forum regarding bevel box oil leaks!

I was blaming those Dowty washers for being insecure and causing drips of oil whereas all the time it was probably overpressuring the bevel box due to rust and crud blocking the original breather. The top hat is mild steel and the inside rusts easily. I regularly check now and squirt some lube through the hole from in to out. Does anyone know the exact function of that little plastic device inside the breather??? Overpressuring an already iffy output seal probably finished the job off. If Ihad more faith in the local dealer I would have let them sort it but I don’t think they are up to it as they have demonstrated their failings a tad too often for me. Just a note about the now discontinued (in the UK) Nevada 750. It has the same engine and running gear as the V7 II so those of you with 2014 / 15 V 7’s may experience all the same problems that I have had with my late model Nevada. But it’s still a great bike and it munches the miles with me and the missus so it’s still a keeper despite some of the foibles!

I am now in the enviable position of choosing either that are waiting in the garage, although they both belong to the Missus. I’ve ridden the Breva a lot more but it’s clear there are some differences in ‘feel’. As strange as it may seem, the Nevada is no less ‘sporty’ to ride (she has the flat-barred Anniversario) even with the further forward pegs because the shorter tank allows you to sit closer to the front wheel than you do on the Breva or V7.
Anniv low res.jpg
Arguably, this provides for a sportier handling bike however things like wheel size also feed into the equation…and some of us have noted how lively the 17" front feels on the B750 :smiling_imp:
I’ve no idea which is the better for solo or with pillion but certainly for the former, I’ll sneak a few goes to find out for you!