Nevada - what to look for?

Without too much effort I have cannily convinced my lovely wife to consider a Nevada (partly her fault for taking an interest in then about 4 years ago). We’ve seen a couple for sale recently and the two catching her eye are;
(a) 2011 Aniversario with approx 1100 miles (private)
(b) 2012 Aquila Nero with approx 10000 miles (dealer)
Both appear to be in excellent condition and supposedly have full service history etc.

Knowing what I know about Guzzis, a low mileage bike that might not have seen much recent use isn’t always better than a higher mileage one. I was thinking that bike (b) will have done enough miles to have settled down and seen a couple of warranty claims but there is alwayts the allure of the lower mileage ‘newer’ bike (a).

Any comments specific to these Nevada models would be appreciated.

Thank you!



Ouch! that’s a shame it wasn’t sorted under warranty.

I made some enquiries and that 2012 with 10K miles is suffering from a bit of corrosion, does not appear to have been serviced by a Guzzi dealer (unsure) and is due a service now, which the supplying dealer will do before it is released. They are not a Guzzi specialist and say they have priced it to reflect it’s condition (fair enough).

It sounds like it hasn’t been looked after properly which means my reasons for considering a ‘sorted’ one with dealer/warranty history won’t apply in this case.


[QUOTE=jim mac]Just bought a vry low mileage 2012 Norge, 2 weeks out of warrany - fuel sensor isn’t working and new unit (includes pump) is £480 - didn’t know it wasn’t working until I ran out of petrol !!!

so, if I had bought newer it would have been a warranty claim, no probs - now I need to source a broken pump and get the sensor off it or just use the trip meter[/QUOTE]What I tend to do is open the tank cap, peer in whilst rocking the bike (with both legs on the ground) the ‘sloshy’ sound is usually good indicator + I always carry 5lts. in a plastic can in my saddlebags. This method has stood the test of time (40+ yrs)