Nevada with vague speedo

I’ve been having a problem with the speed reading on my Nevada (2009 model) for about a month now. The needle waves around at any speed it takes a fancy to or sometimes doesn’t move at all for a few miles then wakes up and waves around some more, some days it’s completely fine. So last night after work I’d had enough. I sprayed the censor with break cleaner in the hope this may be the magic ritual needed to satisfy the happy biking god. I then found the connector for the censor wire going to were ever the wire goes and disconnected it… sprayed the connecters with electrical contact cleaner, tightened/closed up the female connector pins and coated with electrical silicon grease… result?.. Happy biking god still not appeased.

What do I have to do to make things right?

Not for nothing does my boss refer to Veglia speedos as Vague Liars…I can’t help Claire…the last small block I had…the clock was cable driven off the front wheel !..
Eno or Cabernet mite be along soon…

On my VII this was caused by a build up of either pressure or static within the gauge.
What I did was drill a tiny (pinprick) hole in the bottom of the speedo and all was fine.

I’ve just spoken to Twiggers about the speedo problem and they suggest a electrical contact issue, told them what I’d done so far and they suggest removing the clocks and checking the connector going into the back of the clocks. If that doesn’t work then most likely the speed censor is at fault - luckily I can swap the Breva speed censor over to the Nevada to fault find before shelling out for a new one. worst case is faulty clocks! unfortunately I cant swap the clocks over to try as Brava is old style and Nevada is new style clocks :frowning:

Ian, the V11 speedo is mechanical cable as standard. Did you mean the rev counter?

Not had a problem myself todate on my Breva or Nevada.
Both work off the a sensor that is picks rear brake disc bolts.

I would start there cleaning and inspecting the sensor for stone chip damage.
Cleaning is important as the grim that builds up “could” be magnetic and affect the sensor.

Then trace the pulse cable forward, checking for damage from chaffing etc.

Best I can offer at this time.Â

Correct it was the rev counter.

I have had the connector into the back of the clocks off tonight and it looked spankin new. I’ve sprayed with electrical contact cleaner and blathered it in silicon grease… Still not working correctly! I will take off the speed censor at the weekend and swap it for the one on the Breva… See if that works.

Well… I got super wrapped up and braved the elements to wash the Nevada in cold water…BRrrrr… then got to work removing the speed censor, Found the fault! The cable had chaffed through ware it goes up between the swing arm and gearbox… result :laughing: One wire had rubbed completely through and a second was half way through… green corrosion on wires so must have been chaffing for some time. I cut all three wires through, stripped em back and re-joined proper good. All working well now - I better start saving for a replacement censor now :unamused: HOW MUCH?

Looks like £100 new. Fits Moto Guzzi Breva 750, V7 Classic, V7 Racer, V7 Cafe, Nevada 750 (2004-2013)
Speedo Sensor
ELA81528 £99.00 INC VAT
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Claire…its workin…keep an eye on it…if you have a good factors near you…it mite be worth asking if you can have a look thro one of their catalogues…we xid this with the engine temp sensor on me Dato…came in at a tenner…as against Guzzis 60 odd quid…

I luv it when a plan comes together …

did you solder the wires? Doubtless a good soldering repair and sleeving / taping will make as new again. But suggests it needs something like spiral wrap sleeving around the outside as extra protection.

Thanks for your support everyone - that’s what this forum is all about :slight_smile: .
£100 is pretty much what I expected it will cost… Thanks Cabernet. I like your idea Kate, being from Yorkshire I like to keep the penny’s in the porcelain pig for safe keeping! Why do us motorcyclist have to put up with paying such high prices for generic parts? prices for model specific parts I understand as bikes are relatively low volume and that puts costs up.
I think the repair I made will probably last years. I bought a soldering iron about four years ago Mike and it’s paid for it’s self many times over… a good investment. I’m lucky to have had tuition from both my uncle who is an electrician and my older brother who was a marine electrician/engineer with RN.

If it is repaired where it chafed and you have made sure it cannot chafe again then it is better than new.
I was going to make a joke about sailor boys but I guess if they don’t keep their few remaining grey floaty things properly maintained they stop floating.
So he probobly knows what he is doing.

:laughing: Your right Ian… Sailor’s probably do know a thing or two about maintaining ships… especially about plugging HOLES :blush: They have lots of Ladies on ships now you know :smiley:

They always did have. :laughing:
It’s just that it is official now.