New Boy from South West Lancashire

I have recently bought a new V85TT Evocative, having chopped in my T120 Bonneville. This is my third Guzzi, Having previously owned two Stelvios (2009 +2011 models)
I was drawn back to the fold after borrowing a pals V85tt for a couple of long rides. I was smitten, the riding position is perfect for me. The handling was very good, far easier to turn in than the T120, and the suspension is great for todays poor road surfaces. I like to do as much maintenance as possible on my bikes and the V85tt looks like it will be fairly easy to maintain (apart from all that computer/ECU mallarky.
I also had a good long test ride at A+D in Denbigh, which reinforced my initial impressions from the previous rides. I think Moto Guzzi have done well with the design of this bike, it’s light enough, seat hight manageable and has more than adequate performance. In my opinion it’s a better bike than the older Stelvios I had years back.


Welcome back to the fold Harry :+1:

diito welcome back!
THE v85tt is very user friendly! mind you if you think the stelvios were a handful try and blag A ride on a quota if you ever get the chance!!!

Welcome back Harry. Hope to see you at the Pennine branch breakfast at Hamish’s sometime. 2nd Sunday of the month (accept November).

Thanks, sounds good. where is it?

Ignore the above, I’ve just found it. Hopefully I’ll pop over and say hello.