New Boy....

Hiya, I am in the process of joining - having acquired a 1956 Zigolo 98 ‘project’ which
is tired but running OK ; first job is a list of bits needed , most obvious of which is the
Saddle ( single '50’s style - any source idea’s please.
I suspect I will be using the “wanted” and “advice” Pages in the near future… :unamused:
Cheers - Jim ( Essex ).

Here are a few searches to keep an eye on …

Have a look around on here and you should get a manual and parts book

Thanks for the welcomes -
The bike is younger than I am :smiley:
In the immediate future I will not attend on the bike but, if another air-cooled vehicle
( my VeeDub Bug ) is acceptable at a bike meet… :astonished:
The bike is quite interesting , built under licence by Moto Guzzi Hispania in 1955 and
spent it’s whole life there - amazingly the paperwork tells me it lived just 20km from
where we have had our holiday home for 12 years , obviously meant to be mine :sunglasses: .
Regards - Jim.

Although not required for some time yet the search for the year correct solo Saddle is
ongoing - the UK ‘universal type’ vary dimensionally and don’t seem to fit in all 3 axis.
Was onto a lead in Italy but too bigger risk at 200 Euro + P&P ( " and will need modifying" ) , got another tenuous lead on ‘a real one from’ Italy - waiting feedback !!.

So, if anyone knows of a breaking Zigolo…I would appreciate the tip off, Tar - Jim.

For 200 Euros could you not get a replica made? All you need is one to copy and a decent steel fabricator and an upholsterer, or am I wide of the mark? :confused:

There are many single saddles available on eBay but wether they would fit or not is another matter. Depends how good your skills at modifying something are i guess.
This looks a good start for a frame that cold be adapted
and here’s a cover,
Upholstery springs to go under the cover are available, as are the mounting springs.

Another thought is to try a scooter parts place. The saddles were generally made by Innocenti etc and they supplied Lambretta etc as well as the motorcycle companies.

To be honest I am not prepared to pay £ 200 for a £50-60 item ( at this early stage ),
there are some e-bay ones that would fit but leave the front bracket / fixings exposed,
which may have to be the answer in the end - but I feel time is on my side with a whole bike to renovate.
I think the answer will be one of those that fits with a customised cover to cover the
nuts and bolts and look like a museum photo I have tracked down of an original, thanks for your interest on here.

I have established that the “large” versions are just too disproportionate a saddle for a small bike (but probably look good on an old Harley ) - that leaves the “small” size on
e-bay which are about right and one of which fits all 3 axis dimensions. But, as per my other response above, the nose covering is cut too high and might look naff , so a
custom cover maybe.
Funny you should say Scooter Seat, that is the feedback I am waiting for - from a man who regularly ships both Bikes & Scooters to the UK , he is looking out for a real one,
thanks for all your suggestions…cheers - Jim.

Looking at this picture, it seems there is a mounting point on the bike and presumably the saddle nose bolts to this under the cover.
Does yours have the upstand part?

The prts book suggest that is part of the frame

Wow thanks for that , just as I figured it (I don’t have the original, it was fitted with a
home made double bench seat ) , and I no do not have the chrome handle gadget.
But this picture proves to me that the style/cut of the Saddle nose needs to be fuller
than those I have found on e bay - so it covers the front fixing bolt and top end of the bracket. So probably an e bay Seat that fits with a customised cover will sort me out -
thanks for all your help / prompts…Jim.

you could contact this company
bob probably made the origional !!!
he also makes and exports seats back to Italy

I used him for a replacement cover for my SP. It was a superb piece of work.

…WOW , many thanks that looks a promising lead - I have already sent him a request with photo’s etc; , fingers crossed ,even if a custom solution cost a few bob…
Cheers - Jim.

Any good for you Jim?

Hiya, it’s been awhile , but the Zigolo is now nearing completion - need a bit of advice ( again ) …
Rear Wheel spindle / fixing nuts - measures about 12mm so I tried M12 Nuts , no go :thinking:, maybe it’s a special thread looks
quite a fine pitch ? , just want to renew the existing knarled looking ones…any ideas please ? - thanks Jim.

Unlikely to be a special thread, (probably metric fine), best bet would be a specialist fastener dealer,
If they haven’t got it they will point you in the right direction :smiley:

I am struggling to find a complete 1st edition parts book for a 98cc Zigolo. The book is available here, but the part number pages are missing

The third edition book does have numbers and it suggests it is a 13 x 1.25. but it might well have changed with development of the model.

This book also states it as 13 x 1.25

Does the 12mm look like it’s the right diameter? I would suggest that you buy a thread gauge, they cost about a fiver.

Thank you mate, you are the man - my M12 x 1.75mm pitch thread guess was wrong , the parts list you linked me too says
13mm x 1.25mm pitch ( thought it was a fine thread ) , so, just need to source a pair now - much obliged for your steer…Jim.

The old Italian bikes seem to have some odd threads - my Ducati wheel spindle is M15.
Luckily Ducati parts books tell you the size of all the fasteners, seals and bearings.

My Stornello rear spindle is 15 x 1.25. The only source I can find is these at £7.20 each.