New Cali 1100i owner

Hi to you all, my name is Keith and I live in Castle Donington, Leicestershire. Since last October I am the owner of a 1997 California 1100i in pretty much standard condition. The previous owner lived in South London. I purchased the bike from him with it needing a battery and a rectifier/regulator fitting and had no MoT. The first MoT attempt showed that it needed brake pads and wheel bearings, and with those done, it passed! I am now looking forward to the weather warming up and staying dry to get a few miles on it. The next job is to get the rev counter working and continue the tidying up of the bike. For now I will ride it as it is, but am thinking of making it more of a sports bike over the winter. I look forward to learning from you people and maybe even meeting some of you!

Hi Keith,

Welcome to the Club Forum. My husband used to have one of those for over 20 years and loved it.

Cheers Uki

Welcome to Guzzi ownership. The Leicester group meet up near to you in Shepshed. Details of where they meet should be on the main club website.
The tacho is likely to be electronic if it is like my earlier Cali and picks its signal up from a connection onto one of the coil leads. You should find a wiring diagram on this site, along with manuals and parts books.

Welcome Keith

Thanks for the welcomes! Shepshed is very near so I should be able to see the Leicestershire guys as weather improves and lockdown eases. Thanks also for the link to the manuals. I had already found that link and a few others but am struggling to get a full manual that covers the Cali 1100i. The owners manual was useful for wheel removal and the various engine and gearbox oils, but doesn’t seem to provide torque values. The rev counter issue is a strange one but seems to be quite common according to various forums. The tacho needle twitches a little so its not completely dead. The previous owner said it was an engine tacho drive issue but I think its not at all mechanical and it works off the LT side of the coils. I will see if it is an earthing issue.