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I now have my new stainless steel downpipes from Chris Allen. It took three visits for measuring up and fitting, and they turned straw colour almost instantly, but he did a good and impressive job, and rattles associated with the old exhaust have disappeared. I’ve kept my original chrome ones in case I ever sell the bike to someone who wants those.

Another picture of the new pipes:

Stainless does that you CAN keep solvol ing them and kitchen foil with vinegar also gets the worst off me I gave up with all that years ago it settles down

Yes, I’m happy with the way these look. Just this weekend I was realising that one reason I prefer the Guzzi to regular cruisers is that it doesn’t have to look immaculate to look great.

Interesting, mine never went that quick. Interesting colour though.

That is a NICE straw colour, says the stainless has a high nickle content, stick with it. If you do get ashamed of it you could always wrap some of that heatproof rope round it that some London cafe racer owners think looks cool?G.

Thanks Duffo. The change of colour surprised me, but I actually do quite like it, even more so if it’s an indication of quality!

It can be polished out BUT it is a lengthy process and will come back IF you keep going at it the stainless will get shiny, but you will spend ages

Sorry to be an arse, but who is this Chris Allen you speak of. Damn, Yoda mode, sorry!