New(ish) member Peak District

Joined the club last year but have only recently started using the forum. Been into Italian bikes since I was a teenager in the late 1970’s and got my first one in 1987, a Ducati Pantah. (Could just as esily have been a Laverda Montjuic or a Guzzi v50). Still got the Pantah, along with one or two others that have joined it along the way - turns out I’m rubbish at selling bikes. Love twins and singles, never owned an inline four. Always had a soft spot for Guzzis but never owned one until 2021 when I bought a nearly new v85tt. Closely followed by a cafe racer project. And I’m about to succumb to singles ownership…

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Welcome to the forum Rob It sounds like you have been well bitten by the Guzzi bug. A nice collection of new, old and older. What single are you getting?

Hello and welcome!
Just to let you know that unfortunately you know have “the sickness” and as the rest of us know there is no cure! so best you can do is get a second job to support it!
all the best ride safe!

Welcome to the club.
There threeclub branches whose members meet fairly regularly in the Peak. Notts&Derby, Warwickshire and my home branch Staffordshire. The Staffies run a text alert and email list for events. All three branches are on FB.GuzziFest is on your doorstep and a great event.

Thanks chaps. Yep, know all about the Italian affliction, have suffered for many years. Guzzi-itis seems a particularly virulent strain… The single is a Falcone, a bike that I’ve liked the look of for few years and finally got to see in the metal last year when I stumbled across one at the Bike Hub (Henry Cole’s regular haunt, not that it makes any difference). This one belongs to a fellow member and has been viewed for me by an Airone owning mate who then talked me into doing the deal (didn’t take much…) I’ve been down to a Notts & Derby meet at Ambergate - the v85 was barely warm by the time I got there. SOunds like I could do with getting across to Staffs at some point - maybe on that single!