New member, Bath

Hi everyone,

I joined this month. Wanted a T3 or Cali one for years but I have ended up with an 08 Stelvio. It’s very impressive so far if a bit more complex than I’m used to.



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Hello Simon, welcome to the forum. I have had my Stelvio NTX from new in 2011, I still enjoy the bike. I swapped the spoked wheels for mag ones as I had an issue with spoke seals leaking and had the cams swapped a few years ago. The only other changes from stock are huggers front and rear and an indicator sounder, heated grips and a satnav mount!

It is great for two up touring a thing that Mrs Chris seems to have gone off now we are in our mid 60’s. Oh well maybe I could buy back the 1100 Sport I sold to buy the Stelvio as it was a pain to pillion on!

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Welcome Simon. I have fond memories of a European trip on a Stelvio 2500 miles in 10 days. One of the most comfortable bikes I have ridden.
Enjoy :+1:

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Hi Simon,
Shame you couldn’t find a Cali but any Guzzi has to be better than none! I often take the Cali into Bath, I’ll give you a wave🙂

Hi, excellent, do let me know if you fancy a spin. I’m hoping to make it to club night this week :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately I don’t get out much due to family commitments. Most of my Cali rides are excuses when running errands etc. I have vintage Guzzi that hopefully gets a bit more use in fine weather