NEW MEMBER Devon -V85 questions

Hello all, Very impressed with all the information and topics available for my new to me V85.
First Moto Guzzi i have owned and really loving it. Previously had Japanese Kawis and Suzukis.
Love the ride and really makes me smile.
I have already booked in with Gary Plympton to get my grios done and looking forward to my Scotand trip coming up.
Just one thing i was hoping someone may be able to help with? I find it difficult at times to select neutral? Not sure if its a querk or an adjustment or an issue?
Not experienced it on amy of my other bikes, so taking it isnt down to me lol
Any help would be appreciated and very pleased to be here , Tonybrode

Hi @tonybrode - welcome! There are some general tips that apply to many Guzzis when it comes to gear-changing, but just in case there might be a model-specific issue, it might help others to better help you if you mention model & year - a Griso is it? I think they came in 1100 and 1200 flavours - which is yours?

Speaking generally, it’s not unknown for Guzzi gearboxes to be a bit of an ‘acquired taste’ particularly if one has perhaps been used to (arguably) smoother japanese motorcycle gearboxes. It can definitely be worth checking the lever adjustment (to suit your toes!) and worth, too, taking a look at and perhaps cleaning and lubricating any selector connecting rods - these are, on most Guzzis, a bit prone to picking up road crud. It’s sometimes the case, also (and speaking generally here) that with some Guzzis it can be easier to ‘tap down’ (from 2nd) into neutral than it is to ‘lift up’ from 1st. Hopefully someone with Griso-specific know-how will be able to tell you exactly what you need to know.

It almost goes without saying, I guess, that dropping the gearbox oil and renewing it can’t hurt, especially if the bike is new to you.

Hope this helps a little.

Many thanks for your advice its most welcome. I have a 2022 V85 with 1200 miles on the clock. Think its due for an annual service shortly, so hopefully SP Exeter will adress the issue.
Thanks for tip on dropping from 2nd into neutral; ill try that.
Cheers Tonybrode

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lots of V85 owners on here, Tony - sorry I missed that earlier - perils of reading on a tiny phone screen (with old eyes!) - it might be worth moving your post into the V85 category (admins will handle that) - it will certainly help future users who might be looking for V85 tips snd knowledge- hope you get the answers you seek!

Just my 2 penn’orth, it’s still quite new so hopefully will improve with more use. I have the 2021 V7 850 version, but which is from the same branch of the family tree so to speak. I find it much more Japanese-like in terms of gear change ‘feel’ so I am assuming V85TT is the same. This is quite different from older Guzzis, certainly in my experience, even apparently compared to the foregoing new V7 model range, so it could be much worse! Personally I find it very easy to flick it up and down the gears and get neutral, compared to the 1970’s big-blocks I had before hithero, where most often it was impossible to get neutral! So I think the new gearbox is much improved over the previous.

I have the occasional moment where i have over kicked and ended up in second (or first) instead of neutral, but as you say it’s nothing like older 5 speed guzzis with a neutral in every gear if you don’t kick it hard enough :smiley:

Generally with V85 it’s as good for finding neutral as a Japanese once your foot gets the right weight to it, just a case of riding it enough so you get a muscle memory. That said, riding it fast and banging through the gears is never going to be as quick and easy as a jap bike, it can be a nice smooth shift once you get used to it but it’s never as fast.

@tonybrode Hi
As a first point make sure you have enough clutch lift.
The end of the lever should have only a tiny bit of free play before hitting the “command cylinder” piston. If there is no play the piston will not prime properly and may become spongey.

Given you have that bit of play youi need maximum clutch lift to get neutral most easily.
So ensure that there is nothing (e.g. heated grip leads) stopping the lever coming back fully.

After that any further improvement is down to the clutch plates wearing-in and you getting used to Guzzi foibles (as mentioned above).

Glad you are enjoying it - what colours?

Many thanks for your advice. ill take it on board and check the lever. Gone for the grey and green Centurion V85. Cracking ride with cracking feel good factor every ride. Cheers Tonybrode

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