New Member East Devon and oil probelm right side

Hello from new member east Devon and help please already. First time on a Guzzi and found a tidy looking 1981 V50 mark 3 that’s been off the road 5 years but was regularly used and maintained by an elderly enthusiast prior to my purchase in February this year. So on my way back from MOT find oil over right side of swinging arm and up in battery area.

Any ideas please do contact me. I’m OK small fettling jobs but if this is the gearbox seal to drive shaft I will be looking to pay someone to pay over my hard earned cash to sort.

Hello Nigel
Sounds like an engine or gearbox breather, have a look for where the oil is coming from. Also check that the oil levels are not too high. There has been a thread on here recently about small block bikes doing this and the solution appears to be keeping the oil level between the max and min marks and not on the max. Someone better versed with V50s will be along soon, in the meantime welcome to the madhouse :smiley:
PS not a good idea to put your telephone number on here as it is a public forum, unless of course you like phone calls from potential far eastern brides at any time night or day! Better to send it via PM if someone offers help. You can delete your phone number by using the “edit post” button above the post.
Best wishes