New member - East Sussex

Hi, Just joined, well rejoined really. Was a member a while back. Had an 1100 cali vintage (loved it but too big). Moved to 2012 V7 Stone, hard ride and under powered. Just bought a V7 850 special edition from Brighton Moto. Loving it!. Just ready for first service.


Snap! Enjoy :+1: I am :grin:

Welcome back to the house of fun!!!

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1957 was a good year!

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Adding luggage (seems only hepco & becker juniors will fit because of the different exhaust), dart screen and a louder horn!

I’ll second that!

Were we all born in '57!

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Oh yes :+1:

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Ahh , you youngsters! :joy: :joy:

Hi…im new to this site too…navigation on the uk roads is easier than on here…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Check it out for luggage if you’ve the cash!
Unfortunately I don’t :cry:

Thanks for the link!

Welcome. There’s an active branch of MGCGB in your area. The Bluebird Rally was a great success last year and is on again this year.