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Hi, am looking at buying a 1974 Elderado and would like to know a couple of things about them. Maybe someone has experience of them and could tell me, if the tappets are quite clearly heard on tickover, Ive tried to listen to them on utube and in general this does seem to be the case, there seems to be a definite tappet noise, I guess from the exhaust side, the other query was to find out what oil is used in the engine, gearbox and drive bevel. Thanks for any response

Hi Tatti,
“Noisy tappets are happy tappets” is a Moto Guzzi phrase!
Oils are a mater of opinion.
Best practice is generally acknowledged as stick to those recommended in the manual/handbook. Others may disagree,
Copies are available on the This Old Tractor website.
You will get a better range of responses from a post in the relevant part of the technical section.
All the best

Just in case your unaware you might like to enquire what cylinder bores the bike has. Original chrome bores could spell trouble as it’s not uncommon for the chrome to peel. Worth looking on the Greg Bender website thisoldtractor. They are a great bike.
Cheers Ian

They don’t need any fancy oils. I use 20W-50 in the engine, and EP90 in the gearbox and bevel, with a bit of moly additive in the bevel. I think that’s all in accordance with the book. Change the engine oil regularly (1000-1500 miles) as there is no filter, and drop the sump to clean out every second change.
Steve is quite right about noisy tappets.

Quoted valve clearances are wider than the later Tonti bike engines. Think the ex is 10 thou. Mine isn’t unduly noisy in that respect - though I’ve yet to check them.

Replaced barrels are mostly easy to spot from the outside - the alloy looks fresher.

If the barrels have been replaced with Gilardoni Nikasil plated items you will most likely see the word “GILARDONI”
at the base of the barrel by the bottom fin.I agree absolutely with Ranton Rambler regarding the oils, and my tappets are audible too.Great bikes they are too.