New member from Colne Lancashire.

New to the Moto Guzzi club as I have just bought my first Guzzi after many years of Motorcycling on the usual Japanese stuff plus my lovely Bonnevilles. I saw a V7 850 special at Dixons of Accrington and fell in love with it straight away and had it delivered a week later. Beautiful what a looker. I will definitely see you at the Morris Dancers in Colne in 2024 as its only a mile away from where I live, if the rain ever stops. I nearly bought a V7 750 a few years ago but it was black and yellow and looked like an angry wasp .LOL. Best wishes from Chris Jackson


Welcome. I’m new toGuzzi too. Was looking for a Ulez bike as my other isn’t. Should see me out. Glad i chose it.
Enjoy & happy Xmas :christmas_tree:

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Welcome. The Pennine Guzzisti meet not far from you. 2nd Sunday of the month at Hamish’s on the Gisburn road out of Blacko. 10am in GMT, then 9am in BST thru’ to October inc’. If the weather is off come anyway by any means you can.

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Will do. I assume you are at the former Moorcock inn just before the Devils Elbow or are you elsewhere. Hope to meet you in the New year. Happy Christmas

Ditto. ULEZ we don’t have these in Lancashire as the air is clean and crisp.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Moto Guzzi. Grand part of the world for Guzziing. Great community in the area.

Many thanks. Hope to meet some of you in the New Year.

Welcome and enjoy your new bike. I have an 850 Stone and live in Giggleswick so not too far from you.

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If my memory serves me correctly that is on the road to Kettlewell or am I just imaging that,

it’s just over the river from Settle.

Of course it is. Cheers

Yes, formerly the Moorcock.

Excellent. See you at some point in 2024

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