New Member from Warrington


I have just taken collection of my first Guzzi…a 2008 v1200 Sport.

I have had a wide range of bikes over the years, but in my late teens always remember drooling over all the new, shiny Guzzis at 3X motorcycles in Dorset. I have now finally bitten the bullet and have my own shiny, red Guzzi in the garage, and absolutely love it.

I am only a few miles away from Little Bollingotn, where I believe the Northern members have their meet, so hope to drop in some time and say hi.

Now looking forward to hitting the obvious nearby roads around the Peak District and North Wales. Would include a pic, but cant seem to work out how to attach one! :unamused: Everyone likes pictures!!!



Welcome to the forum. I use a picture hosting site ImgBB and upload the photos on there then they provide a link that you can post in here. That way you can post as many as you like. If you use the forum method there is a restriction on size or number, I can’t remember which, I’m sure others will be along soon to give you other ways of doing it.
Have fun :smiley:

Thanks Chris. Will take a look.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Hi Dan and welcome.
The Staffordshire Branch attracts Guzzisti from several neighbouring counties including Cheshire. We have regular weekend “Meets Without Purpose” that include forays into the Peak, Shropshire and Cheshire.
All the best