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I’m John and I own an eclectic mixture of motorcycles- A 1955 Ariel Square Four (since 1969), A Harley-Davidson Road King Classic ( new in 1998) and a Moto Guzzi Airone Turismo (1956-ex-Carabinieri, therefore in blue) I have been working in the “Airone” for some years now (retirement project) and it is at the point of “road testing” and therein lies a problem. I can only get it to start occasionally and it will not idle ( or do anything under plenty of throttle) I am happy with the valve timings and had the magneto overhauled, so it all seems to point to the carburettor (Dell’ Orto SBF 22). I have dismantled it a few times and all the jets/passageways seem to be clear-it may of course be a case of just being worn out. Are there any modern carb’s being fitted by members? (essentially, I just want it running, so that I can get the bike fettled) Owning a Square Four means that my carburettor experience over the past 50+ years has been confined to S.U.'s- carbs with jets are a “black art” to me"!
Any suggestions/ advice on setting up, would be greatly appreciated
thanks in anticipation

Hello John,
I think you are right to suspect that your carb is worn out, especially as it is an ex police bike. If you want replace it you can use a Jikov carb, as fitted to Jawas. This is pretty much a copy of the old Dellorto and so it fits straight on and does not look out of place on your 1956 bike.
There was an excellent article describing fitting these in Gambalunga September-October 2017. Perhaps the club can send you a copy of the magazine. Failing that, I could copy the relevant pages from my copy.

Also, I think this posting would be better in the Singles page of the Technical section, where it is likely to be seen by more singles owners.

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the advice- my first “Post”, so went in via the "New Members " page as an introduction, but the “Singles” page will be a better bet in future. If you could send me the relevant pages from your mag I would be grateful. Address sent via PM

Thanks very much

Hi John,
I’ll try to do that today. Otherwise tomorrow.


Welcome John
If you have a look in the Google Guzzi Singles Group, there was a recent extensive conversation about the Jikov conversion and opinion was it works brilliantly. Here is a link to the group, then search for Jikov or SBF22