New member in Gloucestershire (Three Counties)

Hi all! I’m Matt, a new member from Gloucestershire. Back in February I bought my first Guzzi, a 2022 V7 Special in Grigio Casual (grey).

I’ve had loads of bikes before from super sports, to sports tourers, nakeds, dirt bikes… but never a standard or a Guzzi. I found my local dealer were becoming a Guzzi dealer as well as Mutt and Royal Enfield. I tried them all (as you do when you’re friends with the owners) and while I liked the others and thought I’d get the T120 I fell in love with the V7 immediately. The classic styling of the Special was more my cup of tea though and when I realised the colour was discontinued and I could get a deal I had to pull the trigger.

It’s been love ever since and more poor other bike isn’t getting much of a look in anymore. Hope to find some like minded riders here and perhaps make some meets.

Which side of Gloucs?

Koti Autotali at Chipping Campden is a good ride and a coffee and a chinwag when you get there.

I’m also in Gloucs ROSPA group which is quite a good social group for rideouts, etc.

Why not give it a try?



Much prefer the headlight on the special, and the twin clocks

Hi :wave:t2: I’m in Cirenester. I have been to Koti once but soda law I was the only one there. Lovely place and a decent ride from here so will definitely go again.

I actually did join RoSPA Glos over 10 years ago. Really enjoyed it but didn’t find the time with weird work hours to keep it going. Perhaps I’ll do it again.

Thanks for saying hi and maybe I’ll see you on the road soon.

Me too. I had never had chrome before and that worried me. All good so far though!

I am in Nam
I ride over to the Oxford group, its a pleasant ride from here, or from ciren

Hi Rapheal, thanks. I will probably ride over one day. My office is based in Oxford so I know it well. A few really lovely rides over that way from here.

Of late, I have found the road closed, either due to construction work, or accidents caused by morons in high powered cars !!
hopefully next month they will go and kill themselves some other place
sorry if I seem to lack any sympathy, but having had a near miss with one of these imbeciles, who then went on to embed his Audi into something solid ,I feel that in many cases they are are just emulating Newtons first law !!
come along and meet us, in the main we are very old, and rattle and wheeze, but you will enjoy our company

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