New member in Margate, Kent

Hi there, I currently own a 950 Ducati Supersport and love it. But after doing a couple of trips into Belgium and Luxembourg for 5 days each. I felt that I needed something more suited to Touring as I plan to do more. I had resigned myself to selling the Duc, but came across a 2013, 23k Norge in Silver. Fortunately it was cheap enough for me to keep both. It is my first Moto Guzzi and I am looking forward to riding it when I pick it up later this week.
Kind regards Steve


welcome! hope you are delighted with your first Moto Guzzi. don’t be surprised if it’s not your last!

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Welcome to Moto Guzzi. The Norge does seem to be out of fashion recently for some reason and you get a lot of bike for not a lot of money.
Is the 2013 Norge a 4 valve per cylinder? There have been issues with the flat tappets on some of the 4 valve motors, resolved with a roller conversion. Have a read of this to see where yours fits in the dates

Hi, thanks for the info, I have checked with the previous owner and its a Factory Roller Tappet engine. Which is a relief, he informed me there is an oil pipe that is kinked and often splits, that has recently been replaced also. been fitted with adjustable Matris front and rear suspension during his ownership. Seems to be a well sorted bike. he has Two other Moto Guzzi’s and a new V100 which replaces the Norge. It is my entry into Touring bikes and at 60 may well be the Catalyst into Sport Touring ownership. I really like the V100 but will see how I get on with the Norge first. You are right, it does seem to be a lot of motorbike, for not a lot of money and cannot find a bad review of it.

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Welcome Pax
The Norge is and under the radar classic. Sound like yours is well sorted and come from a good home.

Great news, that should be a fantastic bike.

Hi Steve,

We’d love to meet you and see one of your bikes at the monthly Kent group meeting.

The plan is to be at the Wagon & Horses on the Faversham Rd, top of Charing Hill on the last Wednesday of the month, from around 6:30.

I might be away on business, but I hope some folks will turn up.