New member in Orkney

Hello from the Far North. Just bought a 2008 Stelvio.
Looking forward to putting some miles on it.


Welcome to the club and forum.
I have a long standing invitation to visit Orkney. Now that I know that there’s at least one Guzzi there I’ll have to take up the invitation :grinning:

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Hi! Been there in 2019, although on the model from the other end of Guzzi spectrum:) What a place!

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I know of a couple more Guzzis here. I’ve seen a Griso locally and a couple of Cali’s. There are more bikes here than you would think, it’s just that a lot of them never see the outside of a garage. Maybe I should organise a rally. :grin:

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A wonderful place indeed. We’ve been here around 22 years now. It can be a depressing place too, when we get the weeks of dark,horizontal rain and gales. Definitely has it’s pros and cons. :grin:

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Found the same when working in Shetland

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[quote=“Bertie, post:5, topic:17803”]

“weeks of dark, horizontal rain and gales” - just like Yorkshire, “Spring”, 2024 !

If I ever get that far North, I’ll look you up :nerd_face:


Old macdonald.

Don’t remind me.
Spent 8 years living (Thurso) and working (Dounreay) along the north coast. Never made it across to Orkney, but loved the beer from there (Dark Island).

Bit of a short ride around the island! I am at the other end- Cornwall so if you need a longer ride…

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It’s not so bad Haydn. One week I ride round the island clockwise,the next week anticlockwise . Variety is the spice, etc. saddest thing is my favourite road is a dead end…:joy:


Dark Island is a fine drop. Brewer that “invented” it started his own brewery out at Swannay. Their beers are fantastic and they sell online. Smashing family too. :+1::beer::beer:

I spent many happy days on Orkney. Friend’s parents used to live up there, so used to go up and help out around the place for bed and board. Bit windy at times! I was there when they put up the first wind turbine, they gathered the pieces the following day or near enough