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Hello All,

I’ve recently bought a 1978 Le Mans which rides very nicely but needs a little work cosmetically. Wanted one when I first saw one at college in 1976 (had a CB500/4 at that time and still have one now) and it’s taken this long to get one! It’s the first Guzzi I’ve owned and after riding it I did question myself as to why I’d never bought one before :blush:. I’m sure I’ll be asking questions (hopefully not all stupid :wink:) being my first foray into Guzzis. It now joins my collection of other bikes and already feels that this one is going to be around for a while.

I’ve attached a photo for reference and happy to have all the non-standard parts pointed out, already have a longish list myself, some I can live with and quite like and some will just have to go.





non-standard parts? yeah, that’s how Guzzi owners roll (o:

100% original is so… subjective (o;

Apart from the seat I can’t see what else, well red wheels.

Factory original seat will be as rare as rocklng horse poo. The wheels can be repainted.

Welcome Martyn.
Personally, I like the look of that seat and also think the red wheels look good also.
I had a Le Mans years ago and really enjoyed it. Every time I walked into the garage just seeing it put a smile on my face.
I now have an 850T that I’ve altered to look like the original early seventies V7 sport. Quite easy to do and with black paint and gold pinstripes this one also puts a smile on my face just like the Le Mans used to. It’s a pleasure to ride and I intend to keep it as long as I am capable of manhandling it.
As far as originality, I’m sure you’ll sort that out to your own taste. Happy riding. :blush:

Hi there Martyn,
Welcome to Guzzisti life : ) Personally I’m more of a purist, but your bike is looking super clean mate. I’m sure that ( maybe Corbin? ) seat is far more comfortable than the original so you’d probably be happier keeping it. The red wheels are a bit too much for me… What’s with that rear mudguard as it looks custom too - much higher and shorter, maybe to blend with the seat…
Happy riding.!!

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Hi All,

Red wheels are too much for me as well - they will revert to silver (whatever the correct colour is). Seat, I think, is Stucchi and is comfortable but I do have the orginal in good condition as well should I want to fit it. Rear mudguard has been broken at some point and repaired badly, I have obtained an original in good condition but just needs painting. Red silicone inlet rubbers have been replaced with correct ones. Jury’s still out on the black rocker covers. It has been fitted with a 950 cc conversion and 40 mm PHM carbs - those will stay :slightly_smiling_face: I’m just going through everything in preperation of taking it to this year’s TT :smile:


As I understand it, there’s a very good reason why people swapped out the ‘original’ seats, and it wasn’t just about looks! Good move on the inlet rubbers - they caught my eye a bit, in the wrong way… but not my business, it’s your bike. Nice thing about black rocker covers is that you get to highlight that raised oval. Infilling the lettering can also look not as naff as you’d think, but these things are all, of course, subject and personal.

How are your switches? Sensible good-looking upgrades?


Switches aren’t original and look to be a mixture of 80’s Japanese stuff. Just bought some good condition Ducati 916 switches which work well from a function and layout point of view. Just need to find the correct connectors to make some link harnesses so I don’t have to modify switches or main harness.

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Vehicle Wiring Products are a good source for (who’d have guessed) Vehicle Wiring things. Can’t guarantee they’ll have the ones you need, but a good port of call in most cases. Good luck!