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Hey all,

My names Tom, new member from London / Surrey. I recently passed my A license (13/9) so finally able to take my V7 Stone 850 out for a ride this Saturday gone.

Loved every second of it, looking forward to getting involved in the forum and any meets through the year.


fit a tracking device to it
the hooded scum love them
I know you have a decent lock at the back, but its when you are out some place
Had one on a pushbike try to nick my keys on the South Circular, my Nephew following behind thought the kid was just playing around, by cutting corners and catching up with me, but I saw his eyes, and he was looking to hit the kill switch or grab the keys, three times in Norwood he tried for it, all three times I slammed the anchors on hard till he overshot, , I spotted the other three coming up behind
I got fed up in the end and rammed him when he tried to block me at the lights
end of that game
and Yes I reported it to the Police, and they said it happens a lot there
Dulwich to Norwood road, this at 3 am

Thanks for the advice! I used to work in Bermondsey and my commute took me through that way.

I was thinking on a Datatool alarm and immobiliser, would you have any other recommendations?

It was an absolute nightmare trying to insure, honestly have never had so much trouble with any other vehicle! New to riding, but I’m 35 and didn’t think I or the bike would be considered so much of a risk for insurers - I thought wrong!

are you handy with tools ?
|I can give you some advice, but not on an open forum
send a private message
if you were nearer you could use my workshop and I would fit it free
I live in Gloucestershire now, although have family near you

Good looking machine. I’m in south London and have an almost identical machine - though not those cans. Security indeed - front end of mine is chained to a ground anchor and a cover, rear end of the cover chained down with a Kovix alarm chain - v good, from Sportsbikeshop - so if any herbert lifts the cover to see if it’s a Ducati, frequent hereabouts, there is a noisy surprise. Agree insurance horror but my previous bike was stolen in broad daylight from St James’s Square, so I’ve got that on my record.

To further discourage the feral scumbags in society now i got myself one of those little hand pump squirty bottles and its filled with a solution of vinegar ! after- shave and wash up liquid! any aggro and a squirt of this in the face is gonna !
A) make it quite difficult the scum to see anything! klet alone steal it and b) make em smell quite distinctive!.
As a backup i carry a pot of ground black pepper in my jacket top pocket dont give a S**T about any legal repercussions!.
Also be wary if your followed by any moped/small bike two up!- change direction a couple of times randomly to check!, be advised that these scum often arm them selves with knives or hand axes hence my approach above! love your bike and stay safe out there - just dont expect any help from the law or joe -public if anything goes down .
to all, others id say if YOU see anything like the above happening ie- a small group of feral scum swarming a rider stop and help them dont forget to remove you key if you do that!
Take care!

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