New member near Taunton

Hello All, I’m a returning member from very many years ago when the internet wasn’t a thing. Back then I was much younger and bought a Lario 650 in white. My missus had a V50 Monza too, but she gave up riding - after many other bikes, when she retired.

In the next few days I will hopefully become the owner of a 1991 750T in red, so now I have to renew my connections with spares suppliers etc.

I’m looking forward to picking everyone’s brains for tips, spares and any offers I see.

I have kept riding, but now only ride for pleasure as I’m retired too. The 750T will be nice for exploring Exmoor and Dartmoor etc, and live alongside my venerable 950 Supermoto.

Cheers, Bob

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Motomecca would have been your contact previously, sadly they seem to have disappeared. Gutsibits in Yorkshire are now the best uk supplier for older Guzzi bits. They give excellent service with parts shipped out very quickly.

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