New member, Norfolk

Recently joined, from near Attleborough in south Norfolk.

I am still on the V7 I bought new back in 2009, from the late and much missed Moto Ecosse.

Likely to start picking your brains on 1100/1200 models as I have a hankering after a big block…

Welcome Tim, there are lots of different styles of Guzzi out there, what are you looking for?

Thanks Chris.

My ideal option if money/finding a good 'un wasn’t a problem would be an 1100 Sport, but I also like the various V11 models (kicking myself for not buying Mel Robinson’s V11 when I had the chance when he was downsizing his collection…).

Griso has always appealed too, but not sure if I would like the riding position as I have never tried one. They also seem popular so maybe a V11 would be better value for me.

Breva, Bellagio and Calis don’t appeal really, afraid to say. Nor the Norge - looks like a great bike, but I don’t do big miles now really.

I have heard many dark mutterings about 4V 1200s, but don’t know how if that’s just rumours. I would like to think so because the 1200 Sport looks like a lovely bike. (Even if it is just a Breva with a fairing :wink:)

Of course, what I really need is a bigger garage…

I had an 1100Sport, carb model. I bought it for £2300 in 2004 and loved it, but it was not really suitable for touring two up. I sold it in 2009 and could only just get £1800 for it. How things have changed!

The riding position is a little radical but riding solo and above 50mph when the wind on your chest takes the weight off your wrists, it suited my 6’ 2". Big grins wherever I went. You will be hard to find one now under £5000, but a great bike

Spot the parking ticket on the RH handlebar, I got that discharged as there were no motorcycle parking bays in the car park and no yellow lines where I parked out of everyone’s way !

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Your description reminds me of the Speed Triple (the original cafe racer type) I had, especially the “OK over 50mph with the wind” remark. Coincidentally, I sold that in 2009 and only got £1800 for it!

I wonder if I am too old for that riding position now. May be better with a slightly less radical V11…

I have a Stelvio now, great for touring and swift enough to worry my driving license!

I have the V7 for not-worrying the driving licence duties…